Electrolosys on Chin

Hello Everyone

I have been going to a electrolysis for about 5 months now to finish off dark hairs on my chin and have now got quite a few burn marks that are quite noticeable. I am going to stop just for a few months for the burns to heal but I wanted to know if anyone knows any good healing creams for the burn marks? The hairs on my chin are quite noticeable now and im getting a bit paranoid of people looking at me when they see a shadow on my chin.

I had a phase where I was into Essential Oils. Lavendar is supposed to be very good for burns. Helichrysum is supposed to be very good for scars and cell regrowth. As other have posted here, Tea Tree oil (aka (Ti Tree) is very good for use immediately after a session and it might prevent scarring. Perhaps a mix of tea Tree and Lavendar for right after, if you do any more treatments.

thanks for the advice i’ll look into those oils. Does anyone know how to upload images on this forum? I am having trouble showing an image of my chin on this. Please advice, thanks.

Upload your image file to Photobucket or a similar web-based photo sharing site, then post a link to that file in your message here. It drove me nuts the first time I tried it, too. :frowning:

Rosehip oil is good for brown marks left from electrolysis.