Hello Im newly registered here, but have visited this website reguarly for a year or two. Its great for finding out information and others experiences. I myself deal with issue’s of slightly too much body hair for my liking. I have had some quite a bit of electrolysis but Im not overjoyed with the results, but any improvement is better than none. I wonder if James Walker CPE would answer this question for me, how long should it take to remove hair from the sideburn area on a female, who has never plucked waxed etc and has no hormonal imbalances? Any replies would be appreciated

Sideburns on an average should take on an average 30 minutes to 2 hours per side and that is it. I have finished at least 2,000 sets over the past 45 years.

Please read carefully ElectrolysisInformation.com carefully and it will answer most of your questions.

I love Fino, (as he knows) but I am not a fan of the numbers his gives for things like that. It is true that He could guaranty that kind of time for most sideburns, and if the person required more work, he gives it for free. Since we don’t know the speed of the electrologist that you are working with, what equipment will be used on you, or even what your hairs per square inch in the treatment area is, we can’t give you any hard numbers on this. We can however, say that with a good electrologist, you should have the area totally cleared out each and every time you go from the very beginning of your treatment, and that you should have the look of being finished in the first couple of appointments. After that, if your treatment schedule is done properly, you should not need to have any treatment at all outside of twelve months past your first appointment.

Good electrolysis treatment is performed with the best equipment, treatment tactics, and optimum scheduling. The best treatment possible is not going to get you clear in she shortest possible time if not scheduled properly.

Most electrologists just ask the client when they want to come back instead of saying something like, “I need to see you every week for the fist few weeks, and then we will decrease both frequency and duration of appointments from there.” I am not saying that the average electrologist is evil, or greedy. On the contrairy, most are just worried about embarrasing clients who may not be prepared to put that much in time and money at the start of their treatment. What they end up doing however, is not giving the information that the client needs to be able to choose. In most cases, more time and money up front, results in less time and money overall in the teatment endeavor. They just don’t want to say anything that will discourage a new client.

In closing, you should have a small amount of time spread out over 9 to 12 months for the total treatment of this area. If the electrologist can hit Fino’s cruising range of 1500 to 2500 hairs per minute in thermolysis, then his numbers are spot on. It is my experience that most electrologists in the country are not in that “Formula One” class. Many are new, or don’t work full time, and have never gotten out of “Stock Car” speeds.

Just keep to the simple formula, of your electrologists speed, as assessed on your treatment area, compared to your total hairs per square inch along with your commitment to regularly schedualed appointments.

Thank you James. Well said. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Mr. Gior as he is after all Mr. Electrolysis. And deservedly so. The standards he has set for electrologists the world over are unparalled in my opinion. But he has been doing this for almost half a century and few electrologists can match his speed. His website electrolysisinformation.com should be viewed by all prospective clients before commencing treatments. The speed of completion of treatment programs will vary as different electrologists have different speeds and few can match Fino’s. I find that this subject matter does come up occassionally as well and I too explain to new clients the merits of going onto a consistent treatment pattern, of sticking to the schedule and the job will get completed. The electrologist’s committment, accuracy and proficiency will result in a job well done for the client although, perhaps, not as fast as the Fior Technique, at this time. Although, with dedication and experience, there are a lot of good electrologists coming along.