Electrology - hydration needed?

Hi there, I would like to get some more information on hydration for electrolysis. I haven’t really found an answer on any of the forums so here goes. My wife and I are going to be doing electrolysis on each other, with, by the way a new Uni-Probe Autoblend machine that I purchased no questions asked from ElectricSpa. We have been shaving and/or tweezing the areas we are going to treat with electrolysis, and have been using the homemade version of Tend-Skin which we found on this great site. It has been working well at keeping the skin reasonably clear, but as we all know, alcohol dries the skin out, at least in appearance. Now I know that skin moisture content is a result of what you drink (lots of water!!) and not external moisturizing, so I wonder if this dryness is just in appearance, or is it actual. Should we stop using the TS some time before we do electrolysis, and perhaps use some kind of moisturizer instead? Say a good quality lotion or even baby oil? I have read numerous posts about using TS AFTER electrolysis, is this or is this not counter-productive?
Thanks for all the great info everyone!!!

Unless your alcohol/aspirin (Tend Skin) mixture causes the hairs to be too brittle while you are doing electrolysis, there is no need to discontinue for the sake of your treatment. If you do have a breakage problem, you may want to stick to tea tree oil for all over coverage and only spot treat actual ingrown hairs with a cotton swab dipped in the a/a mixture.

As long as you are drinking a minimum of 64 oz of water every day (4oz an hour over 14 hours, or 8oz every 2 hours if one can do a little more at a time.)

Rideon, I apologize for missing your earlier post somehow. Another important consideration is the climate in the area where you live. If you live in the desert or in high altitudes, it may be useful to run a humidifier in your home and/or office. This is especially true for those who have radiator heat.

It is also very important to use a good moisturizer immediately after getting out of the shower. This helps hold moisture in the skin. What I recommend is your Tend Skin type of solution, followed by a moisturuzer shortly after the Tend Skin is absorbed. You may find that the moisturizer makes the Tend Skin type stuff tingle a second time.

Hope this helps!