Electrology for FUN?

One of the associations recently put out their list of speakers for their upcoming convention. Topping the list is a talk on PCOS and transgender clients. My gut reaction was: “oh, not this again!”

When I was in Tokyo, Keiko (a TBC executive) asked me if there was an epidemic of PCOS in the United States. Why? Because every AEA convention she has attended featured this topic (JSA has membership in AEA). She said: “We have very little of this in Japan!”

In actuality, PCOS is not all that rare and electrologists are often the first-line-of-defense in getting affected women to the right medical evaluation and treatment. Please read the following:

Still, I asked several well-seasoned electrologists how many PCOS patients they have had in their 30 year + careers. Karen had two, I had four and Patsy had three. Mind you, we always refer female clients for medical evaluation … it’s just that PCOS is surprisingly atypical in the majority population of electrology patients … in my experience, more rare than the transsexual client (but that’s rare too).

I’m not saying that the topic of PCOS (or transsexuals) is not essential! All of us MUST fully understand PCOS! I am saying that the majority of patients we see do not have “medical problems” and are removing the hair simply because they don’t like it. These patients seem to be over-looked.

As you can imagine, I have a lot to say on this subject and would like to make this a conversation. My point is that the associations, by focusing on medical and deeply psychological problems, have given the profession a “heavy” almost draconian feel. Sometimes the associations make me feel like this profession is more of a “mission from God” than a business. I admire Mother Teresa … but I don’t want to “be her!” (Although I’m beginning to look more and more like her!)

Sure, the medical aspect is vitally important. But what about the FUN part? What about all those happy, well-adjusted and vibrantly healthy people that just want their hair removed for FUN! The associations seldom talk about the “fun stuff.” Too often the meetings end up being a “downer” when I find this profession, well, FUN!

Do the associations set “the wrong tone?”

I don’t know if the associations set the wrong tone but I sure have fun gonig to work. Although I must ask how you get PCOS and transsexual in the same sentence?

ha ha … just be sure to use a comma correctly!