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Barbara Greathouse put this helpful information together for all thinking about an Electrology career.

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Very helpful !

Most recent blog: http://electrologyworksnow.com/2014/11/03/ethical_behavior/

Barbara_ CPE I finish reading the publication of my words in the article that is cited in this thread, thank you very much for it.

Concha Miralles.

Thanks so much for this. I am wanting to start a career (have been lurking on these forums for years) this year as I’m moving to the United Kingdom, where I’ll finally be able to afford the cost of education. I was worried about not being able to find either a suitable place to practice or not being able to attract clients but I find this very reassuring. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Hi- I finished schooling for electrolysis years ago but have never used my knowledge. I did not feel that the amount of practice I was given could make me proficient in the technique. I did not want to scar or damage anyone and certainly didn’t want to get paid for doing a poor job. I have a machine here but have never used it. The beauty school Where I received my certificate has since closed. Not because of any incompetence. I know that electrolysis works but aim also know that experience is the best teacher.

Rachael, wow. You couldn’t have said it better! I had the same experience! Now I’m thinking that maybe I need to leave the US to get a good hands on training. It’sa very empty and frustrating feeling. I am so envious of people who has a good school experience. Or someone to mentor them, sigh

I find this incredibly common here locally. We have a esthetics school in town and students pay upwards of $10000 each to go there, then never seem to take up the practise? I run into many of them 10 or more years down the line, only to find out they never practised once school ended and never were able to get employment. I try and bring on one every year but that still leaves 9/10 of their classes who never practise or go into the field. IT just doesnt make sense to me.

Well, I had wanted to attend Jane Riddle’s school, but at the time I couldn’t afford it, plus it was far away from where I lived and worked and I couldn’t just quit work.

So, I found a school close to my home…I thought that if I could just get started… problem was they didn’t even give us enough information to get up and going.

Then I bought a machine thinking maybe I could just figure it out…

I have tried taking one on one lessons from people, but I’ve had a hard time getting clients to practice on… even when I’m offering to remove hairs for free.

I have two electrolysis machines which I have been storing. When I bought the second machine the place I bought it said they would train me on it, but then didn’t. I’m thinking the only way to get an education …with hands on practice…is to leave the country.

I still have a current license.

Isn’t there ANYWHERE that I could take an intensive 5 days? REALLY get some hands on? Or should I just put the machines on the trash and consider that I lost a lot of money on my “education”?

There is a lot of information on the Internet now a days, but having some hands on feedback would be great.