Electrology 2000

I plan on doing a writeup about Electrology 2000 on my website some time soon. Anyone have any experiences with them or know people who have been to them?

Hi Tembo:

I have read lots about them and know they have a good reputation, but can be expensive. Also if someone has to travel there it is an added cost. I think that dealing a lot with the trans community gives them a niche market.
I do feel that electrolygists outside of the trans community are also more open to trans patients these days too.

I would be interested in reading your experiences however.
As I said I have heard they do good work. That plus their use of novocaine in pain management may help some patients.


Hey I don’t have any experiences with them. I just figure on writing about them as it seems like spending 300 hours just to clear a beard over several years is not worth it to many people and electrology 2000 seems like a reasonable option if you have the money – which I don’t :frowning:

I still would like to see some pics of colored people who have been treated via electrolysis without any hyperpigmentaion though.