Electrology 2000?

I’m a 31 Yr old TS from Hawaii. I have just begun Hormones and want to start electrolysis. I live on the Big Island and there are almost no electrologists on my island. Oahu has several, but I need a recommendation as for who to go to.

I have had not previously done anything for hair removal other than shaving. I have an Appointment with Electrology 2000 in Texas but wanted to find out about others experiences. I am most concerned about permanent scarring.
The costs are great using this option about $6500 for the 1st clearing. then returning about every 6-8 weeks to do it again.

My advisor recommended I do Laser 1st then go to Electrolysis to finish it off. My skin is very fair (I burn in about 15-20 minutes without protection) and my facial hair is brown and very thick. The Laser avail in my area is the Coolglide Yang. I have heard that Laser is effective for the 1st 6 months then almost all the facial hair returns…Is this true? Is Laser then Electrolysis a viable option when the goal is complete permanent removal?

What? No great electrologists on the Big Island soaking up all the tourist and retirement business? Perhaps I have found my Paradise at last.

What most people like about LASER treatment is that it is quick and dirty. You pay the price of staying out of the sun for 6 weeks, and a face full of ugly desiccated tissue that takes its own time working its way out in exchange for having one treatment that does something to your whole treatment area. Is it worth the risks for what it delivers? That is a hard question that you will have to answer yourself. (My personal answer is I don’t like to take that kind of chance for a negative result, and the money can be better spent on known permanent hair removal.)

I have cleared many beards to full clearance with no future visits needed, so I know electrolysis works.

A piece of advise, get the area around your nipples done as well before the HRT makes that area too sensitive to work on. Although Genetic Females say that this is a remarkably comfortable area to work on (Although I guess I have never treated a 13 year old in the same area) people in transition find that as the HRT goes further, and the breast tissue develops the sensation in that area becomes more and more painful. It is better to get it over with before that happens.

Hi Maverick:

If you are going to E-2000 for electrolysis then the extra money on laser would probably be wasted.

They have a very good record for working with TS individuals though and I haven’t heard any complaints other than the price. I hear they treat you royally though.

I had laser before electro on my face and now am sticking with electro. I had a lot of dark and light regrowths after 9 laser sessions, much more than I could live with.

As far as sensitivity increasing after beginning HRT, I can attest to that being my experience.E-2000 keeps you well anesthetized though so that should not be a problem.
But since they do a full clearing on a face for instance, there is sometimes swelling afterwards.

Good luck.

Let me know how the E-2000 trip goes. I am in Texas and am considering them next summer or flying to NYC for Fino Gior. I just have a large area I would like treated and would hate to spend two-three years working on different areas twice a week.
James, you mentioned in a recent post about treating hairs close together and how that can cause dermal collapse. However, the type of work done be E-2000 and I think Mr. Gior is stripping the area. Obviously with that technique you are forced to treat hairs close together. But, is it as we commonly say, that the practioner skill will be the deciding factor and the keyword is that dermal collapse CAN happen but is not destined? If E-2000 were so bad and scarred everybody up then they wouldn’t be so popular among the trans crowd. I am not a trans but I would like to have about as much work as the average M2F.

i would also be very interested to hear how it goes so please don’t forget to let us all know! i am from texas so i go home frequently and dallas is only a 3-4 hour drive. i was thinking of getting an appointment for some of the more private areas at some point. i read about them at tsroadmap and they have RAVE reviews. i also emailed them and they said they do lidocaine injections at no further charge but that the clock is running when you get the injections. you can also book two electrologists to get work done faster if you are doing whole body or something of that nature. the woman who emailed me was very nice. please let us know how it goes if you get treated there and good luck!

I was answering someone’s question about dermal collapse in that other post. If the electrologist is skilled, it is not a problem, especially with the newer machines.

good to know.

Hi Everyone,
I go to E2000. All I can say is that my experience has been positive with them. I am not finished clearing my face yet, so, I can’t go into detail about total hours involved or the after effects on my skin. I made the choice to go to them for convenience, the lidocaine injections, and the rave reviews others have given them. The acutal electrology is virtually painless due to the lidocaine, however, the lidocaine shots are very painful. Luckily, the pain only lasts a few seconds. They are rather expensive, but, they work very fast and you can have two people work on you at once. I have a lot of swelling after a visit, A LOT. The swelling, for me, goes away by about the third day after treatment and I never have had any redness at all. The only thing that seems like an understatement is the time they say it takes to clear a beard completely (70-90 hours). Every person I have met needed more in the way of 100-115 hours which is quite a chunk of change. Thus far, I have had 4 laser treatments to the face prior to electrology and now 40 hours at E2000 and I still have TONS of facial hair.
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