Electrology 2000 testimonials link


Interesting read if you go through that whole page, although there are no recent updates. Too bad they are only located in Texas.

Hi Tembo:

Thanks for the link.

I just want to point out one fact. I know that they have a good reputation in the trans community for their work.
The unfortunate thing is that they arre far away from a lot of people so travel, accomodation and time off work must be factored in. E-2000 will cost more than going to a local electrolygist.

Also I think most electrolygists in the US or Canada have no objection to working on trans clients, will maintain confidentiality and treat the client with respect.
I got good treatment within a 15 minute drive from my house.


I can only say that having the possibility of getting to first clearance in a matter of days makes travel to see a fast electrologist worth the money when compared to seeing a slower practitioner, and or someone who will only do one hour appointments once a week.