Electrologists in the North West of England

I just came back from being abroad and was hoping to see a local electrologist in Liverpool at the Newton Clinic as she at least had a website unlike the only 1 other person registered with BIAE in Merseyside but when I called it appears she isn’t working anymore because of a family death.

Does anyone have an info on people working in either Greater Manchester, Cheshire or Lancashire? There are many people working here unlike in Merseyside but I have no idea where to start as it is just a list of names nearly all with no website or other information.

Its so hard to tell what you’ll be getting when almost none of these people have a good representation online.

Any tips to spot the diamonds in the rough?

I won’t start a discussion about electrologist’s and their relationships with technology and advertising.

Just take my word for it - the only way to find out if an electrologist is worth pursuing (if you don’t have a recommendation) is to go for a consultation and test treatment!

Even if you do find an electrologist with a great representation online, it’s not guarantee of good treatment.

Well I’ve made an appointment to go see someone for a consultation, it only matters to me because I currently don’t have a phone so if they have no email its hard for me to contact them right now!

Anyway it doesn’t seem like many people here on HairTell have any recommendations in this area so I guess I’ll hope I get lucky.

I’ll post back with what happens, initially put off because she charges £10 just for a consultation which doesn’t seem to be the norm?

I went for a consultation today and had a good experience, they were professional and really easy to talk to.

I’m having work done on my abdomen and chest. They did a 10 minute test using different combinations of blend and thermolysis to see which was more comfortable for me. I found 1 second at a higher power more bearable than a lower power for a longer duration. and the Blend was definitely more painful and felt longer even though it was the same timing as the low power thermolysis.

She explained about the stages of hair growth and how it needs to be in the right stage to be treated properly and said that because she can’t tell what stage the hair is in before it has been plucked that she plans to go ahead and treat all of the vellus hairs and naturally make small areas thinner in stages over 1-4 hour sessions depending on availability and my endurance level as to not agitate the skin, rather than do a full clearance of all hairs.

Does that treatment plan sound fine? I was convinced anyway and will go back for my first proper hour session with her next week.

The plan in regards to “naturally make small areas thinner in stages over 1-4 hour sessions depending on availability and my endurance level as to not agitate the skin, rather than do a full clearance of all hairs.” sounds fine.

The rest is questionable but you hear it commonly (even from electrologists who do a fine job) here in the UK because that’s what they are taught.

An experienced electrologist should be able to tell the difference between an anagen or telogen hair. The less well known fact is that telogen hairs can be effectively killed. You will still get results if she’s treating only anagen as all follicles will be in anagen at some point. My problem is the waste of time and money treating and not killing telogen hairs… basically just plucking them so that the electrologist can get them later when they come back as anagen hairs. In this situation, the shaving first strategy seems to have a good place. Because when you shave an area, it is very evident in the days after which hairs are growing (anagen) and should be treated.

I’ll be seeing her again in 5 days for that hour appointment, if all goes well and I end up going back for more I’ll mention that I want to shave the area if that is the case.

Any tips on when the area should be shaved if I want it to be a workable length for my appointment?

If she works in that way and “can’t” tell the difference I suppose thats fine if she is killing the anagen hairs properly it will just speed up the treatment if I shave the area before, right?

I had my first full hour today, she used an insulated needle and thermolysis on a sterex machine, started from the bottom of my abdomen. We counted around 6/7 hairs a minute? Not sure if that is quick but at least a start has been made.

We used no kind of pain killer and it felt a little uncomfortable when near hip bones, sharp but quick. Using a higher intensity for 1 second was more bearable than lower power for 2 seconds.

She told me that hairs cannot be killed on a single shot and will come back thinner and thinner until it is killed fully and doesn’t come back.

She also said that it could take up to 2 years to get everything finished on my stomach and chest area.

(I have read many conflicting advise with these statements on hairtell but I don’t know what to think. Is it worth me continuing to see her?)

Anyway I have attached before, straight after and 6 or so hours after pictures if you’re curious.

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Dear Pessimist,

Thank you for submitting those pictures. Very good quality.

I am assuming you are female. That is quite a bit of hair on your abdomen. Have you had a hirsutism work up done? Is this the only area that you have this kind of hair growth? We are trained to tune in to the causes of hair growth when we see cases like yours.

You can be helped and I agree that it could take as much as two years. Whether she uses an insulated probe or uninsulated probe is not as important as doing perfect insertions and having the hair slide out with no traction. The skin reaction is fine. Expect temporary scabbing and or redness for a couple weeks. It will go away. Wear loose clothing to avoid further irritating the skin.

Some hairs may need to be broken down, but most hairs can be eliminated the first time. Sometimes, it is just easier to explain things the way she did because most people don’t understand how hair grows in cycles and is not all present on the surface for treatment for the first several sessions. Hair keeps surfacing a little at a time in dribs and drabs, taking at least nine months for all hairs to show their “faces” at just one time in that nine months. Hair grows and then it sheds. We can only treat hair that is coming forth from the follicle. This is why one cannot be finished in less than 9 months and to add to this reality and frustration, some hairs go dormant and wake up maybe only three months out of a year.

I see no need to look beyond this electrologist. Removing 6 -7 hairs oer minutes is fine. Others may go faster, others slower. We are all different in our approach and the only way you can compare who does what, is to get more consultations. If that is important for you to find out, then give it a try.

Good luck and don’t give up. You will be hair-free if you stay with a plan.

Hi Dee thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

That made me laugh, I’m in fact a boy, I suppose my figure is quite girly though… my hips I guess? lol

It is relieving to hear that from a professional, thanks I think I will keep seeing her as long as my money situation permits it.

I went for another hour appointment today, continuing the work on my abdomen. I don’t know why but even at the same settings I found it more painful this time. Maybe because of a stressful week I’m not sure. She had to fire the pedal twice a lot of the time today because of stubborn hair that wouldn’t come out easily with just one shot.

In the area where I was treated last week a hand full of red marks appeared but they didn’t look or feel like scabs they were really small anyway maybe they are small scabs the electrologist seemed to think so.

I’ve attached another picture, a few hours after my appointment today.

Another hour next week, the progress feels slow but she doesn’t have an appointment longer than an hour right now.

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Ohhhhh! I am so relieved to hear that you are male. Now that I see the second picture, it is obvious. The first picture showed a touch of pink on the lower border - maybe it was a towel?

Sounds and looks good so far. Some hairs need a second or third zap. If it remains too painful, you could try out a few other electrologists. Skill is number one, of course, but some high tech equipment options available today may offer you more a more comfortable session, but you will never know unless you shop around.

Can someone tell me how they get hold of EMLA in the UK?

Another hour of painful work on my abdomen and I am hoping this stuff will help me get through my next appointment but I can only find it available if you have a doctor’s prescription? it’s not available over-the-counter in a normal sale?

I think you can get small tubes (5g) without a prescription. Try going to an actual pharmacy and asking.

I bought the 30g tubes (max allowed was 2) a couple of years back online but more recently, the online stores wanted a prescription.

You can always see if your GP will write you a prescription.

Thanks, you were right, I was able to buy the 5g tube fine from Boots for like £3.80 or something. Weird that it wasn’t on their site for sale.

Separately, I wonder if any of the pros can help me out, do you think this photograph is showing “instant regrowth” from bad insertions?

It looks like it from other cases on the forum, ones that I’ve seen anyway.
I suppose any electrologist can occasionally make bad insertions? and I shouldn’t worry about carrying on being treated by her right?

Anyway I attached the pic, the clear area treated is all less than a month old. the circled parts were treated probably 1-3 weeks ago (3 max)

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The hairs in the right circle could be “false regrowth”, ie hair from untreated follicles. In the left circle, only one of the hair seems instant regrowth. I care more about black spots, I do not know if they are tombtones (remains of dead hair keratin) or true regrowth emerging to the surface. Note that in this area, the hairs are arranged in groups of 2 or 3 hairs very close together, and whose follicles follow opposite directions, forming a kind of open scissors. You need to wait several weeks to really know the kill rate of your electrologist.

Thanks for your reply Josefa.
I’m not sure what the black spots are, they appear a lot on my left side but not really on the right at all. I went back to see her this week and she told me that the regrowth was normal and that it takes a very long time to really kill the hairs and that they will keep coming back thinner and thinner for up to 2 years.

When she removes some hairs she will comment on how the bulb at the end or root is really big and coming out well and she seems to think the treatment is going well. I’ve spent 4 hours with her now and the progress feels slow as we have to spend half the appointment, from the third time, to treat regrowth.

Maybe during an hour, 3-5 times the actual insertion will be painful… but I suppose only 3-5 times an hour isn’t many times.

I don’t know! but anyway I haven’t booked a 5th hour yet I think I will wait a few weeks and see what comes back to assess how it is really going, also give my skin time to heal up properly before continuing.