Electrologists in Istanbul?? (If not, advice?)

Hi All,

I’m living abroad for at least the next 6 months and have had no luck finding an electrologist. I can only find laser hair removal, and I think I’ve hit a dead end in my search, despite my hours of making phone calls, visiting spas and clinics, and inquiring about referrals.

Until I’m back in North America and I can see an electrologist again, I’ll have to settle for temporary removal. I’ve done quite a bit of work with some great electrologists, and I’ve had some success. For now, however, it looks like I’ll have to wait to make more progress.

I won’t tweeze because I know that won’t help. Is there anything else I should avoid? Anything I should do?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Where are you situated?

Hi Christine,

I’m in Istanbul, Turkey.

you should change the topic name into “Electrologists in Istanbul???”

So that anyone from istanbul browsing these forums is immediately drawn to your post…

Just an advice :wink:

Search the Dectro apilus platinum users directory, I think there is someone listed for there.

You can remove hair with any method that doesn’t pull it out with the root, i.e. shaving or trimming.

Hello everyone!

I’m new to this website and I too am looking for an electrologist in Istanbul. I’m planning on moving there in a couple of months, and not being able to find an electrologist is really worrying me.

I currently live in a small town in New York State that already suffers a shortage of electrologists. I’ve been going for once a week, 1-hour treatments, regularly since March 2013 (with a 6 week break during the summer, as I was traveling).

I know that laser is wildly popular in Turkey and many women in my family have undergone laser (I’m originally from there). My journey into electrolysis actually began with a botched laser hair removal treatment on my face, which left me with scabs, severe hyperpigmentation, and spurred excessive, thick hairs all over my face. So, I am committed to continuing my electrolysis treatments and will never touch laser again, especially not on my face.

If anyone has insights regarding reputable electrologists in the Istanbul area, please let me know!!

Thank you.

This is a place someone on a “Turkish Living” forum posted. I can’t vouch for what the treatment is like there. It’s also not in Istanbul – it’s in a place called Bodrum. I have no idea where anything is, but here’s what they wrote:

“Try Trim and Slim on main road up from Oasis, Natura or Naturel ( something like that) opposite the Marina ( above the icecream shop!!)”

hello all,

i just posted in another thread about this, but i wanted to share with you an amazing electrologist i have found in istanbul, should you be in need.

her name is zeynep polat tekin and she is located in mecidiyekoy, istanbul.

best of luck!

That’s wonderful “indreams.” We all love to hear about “amazing electrologists.” YEAH!

If you would be so kind, and for the sake of other clients, could you talk about those qualities that you found to be exceptional?

What do you find “amazing” about this electrologist? I mean the specifics.

I personally would like to hear what a client finds impressive about “great electrologists.” I have my own “private list,” of course, but I’m looking at this issue from the vantage point of another electrologist.

So, give us the run-down … and THANKS again!

Dear Michael,

I’m so sorry to see this so late, but here is my assessment!

This is what I find to be exceptional about Zeynep Polat in Istanbul. Now, I saw two other women previously, and so this is in comparison to them.

  1. She’s SUPER fast, so we get a lot done in one session. Not only is she very quick in general, but she doesn’t lose focus and stop performing for several 5 minute-long monologues during a 1 hr session. I am human of course and we are friendly and always talk during the sessions, but it’s not distracting - I do not move around and I keep quiet when she is working on my face. :slight_smile: The previous two women I saw were extremely slow in general and would take many breaks from my face just to chat, which was annoying to me. I felt like I was paying for 1 hour session, but in fact was receiving like 35 minutes of actual treatment.

  2. I think this has to do both with the settings she uses (she performs on a lot of women, of Middle Eastern origin like me), and also the fact that my skin has probably gotten used to the electrolysis, but my skin looks SO MUCH better after a session than it did with my previous practitioners.

  3. I’ve never felt her “plucking” my hairs out, even with the super thick ones (though I know a little plucking here and there is normal and to be expected). Anyway, my hairs just slide out! The previous women would literally just undertreat and pluck, pluck, pluck.

  4. She doesn’t do anything I don’t want her to. I trust professionals, but I got really upset when one of my previous ladies just went ahead and zapped a few of my mustache hairs, even though I’d explicitly told her not to. My upper lip hairs are very fine (strange, huh? considering that I was a wild beast everywhere else) and I didn’t want to risk any scarring, as it is a delicate area. I asked my current practitioner whether she would perform there, and she said she doesn’t want to unless the hairs are extremely thick (mine are not), because that area is more prone to pitting and hyperpigmentation… Whether she is right about this or not, I’m fine with not getting it done on my upper lip. :slight_smile:

  5. She’s just lovely and honest and really amazing at what she does.

Glad to hear your nice story. Continued success to you.

Just wanted to weigh in on the upper lip. I certainly don’t agree with the upper lip comments. Scarring and pitting is not a problem if a professional Electrologist is doing the work. Hyperpigmentation can happen for certain people, but it is not permanent, same as if you get a spider bite or an abrasion, your skin may get a little brown from an injury. It fades with time.

Thousands of women get upper lip hair removed everyday with electrolysis. There is no need to fear pitting, scarring or hyperpigmentation. That is an over exaggerated fear.

I don’t want anyone reading this to think they should be afraid of upper lip hair removal for any structure of hair. It happens everyday and the outcome is positive, fruitful and well worth the money and effort.

Dear Dee,

Thank you for your comments and yes, I have heard of others getting electrolysis on their upper lip without problems. Perhaps my electrologist was commenting on my particular skin tone or seeing how I reacted to treatments elsewhere.

I have a little bit of hyperpigmentation here and there on my face, but it’s barely noticeable, and yes, it totally goes away with time. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of giving my skin a good 3-4 months to heal once my face is finished with electrolysis, and if necessary after healing time, maybe do a very mild chemical peel to even things out. Do you have any other suggestions that I should try before going down the chemical peel route?

Thanks so much Dee!

Yes, some people get chemical peels.

Electrolysis is a low risk procedure. When performed by a professional, the skin manifestations are TEMPORARY and our dear friend, Mother Nature, will do her thing and bring loveliness to your skin, with time, naturally.

I have never had a client that needed to do a chemical peel after electrolysis. When people present with skin damage after years of abuse, due to laser gone wrong, waxing, tweezing, threading, sugaring, self removal of ingrown hairs with safety pins and then request that we do electrolysis for them to finally cure them of excessive hair, well, perhaps a chemical peel is in order only because of the previous skin damage before electrolysis was even started.

Hang in there. You sound like you are going in the right direction.

Dear Dee and all,

I wanted to add one more thing about my positive experience with my electrologist.

I also like that she doesn’t consider anything an “impossible” feat. For example, the previous women convinced me that it was impossible to even work on the darker peach fuzz on my face, saying it would take many years and wasn’t worth it. Well, those are all cleared up now thanks to my current practitioner. :slight_smile:

I was made to feel like I was an extreme, hopeless case back in the states, perhaps because of my Middle Eastern origin in a town where most people are of fairer, less hairier ethnic backgrounds. But given that my current lady works on others just like me, if not in worse conditions, she’s used to it and is super excited and motivated to help!

Even the back of my neck: In addition to my hairline, we have begun to treat the dark fuzz at the very bottom of the back of my neck. I’m not sure what this area is called, but it’s where my natural hairline ends and meets my back. Our approach is not to get rid of the hairs completely, but to just make the hairs less populous so that it fades out a bit.

I’m confident now that wherever I want to get treatment, it’s possible, unless there are any risks associated with it. :slight_smile:

I’m very happy for you.

This is what electrolysis can do for many. Trouble is, some electrologists freak out by areas that have a lot of hair, especially on women of color. Speed and a ‘can do’ attitude is important for cases like yours. Many of my fair skinned colleagues aggressively take on cases like yours. I think you just happened to have the bad luck not to meet an Electrologist that had that ‘can do’ attitude.

Some shy away from doing cases like yours for fear of causing skin side effects. It’s probably a good thing that they do. When in doubt - DON’T! They probably need some mentoring to build their knowledge base and confidence. An experienced Electrologist can bring about a successful happy ending to anyone, regardless of ethnicity. The United States is very diverse. You must have been in a city of less than 2,000 people. I don’t know where you sought out electrolysis care, but most cities here have not only middle eastern women, but women of color generally.

I am partial to having a great ergonomically acceptable set up so appointments longer than an hour can be offered to clients. It sounds like your Electrologist is truly special in her approach. Again, congratulations!