Electrologist's comments on electrolysis vs. laser

Regarding information concerning Electrolysis VS Laser if you proceed to http://www.bostonschoolelectrolysis.com you will be disappointed. If you would take the time to read The Five Star Electrologist©, America’s Online News & Education for The Electrologist and Consumer © these articles spell it out and prove the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt they are America’s Most Dangerous Unproven Technology and America’s Most Dangerous Quacks’ ! Kimberly Williams, R.E, Dean, Author. These articles are scientifically written in two tiered platform for the practicing electrologist and in specific lay terms for the consumer. The sum knowledge of these writings display absolute irrefutable scientific knowledge and evidence based on common sense practice and practical application and my 25 years of professional experience as a Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist. All consumers have the right to truth knowledge and if you establish a link it here it will help the consumer to make the right choice and prevent further needless tragedies and suffering.

Kimberly Williams, R.E. Dean,
Massachusetts Licensed Registered Electrologist, 1979
10255 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85253
http://www.bostonschoolelectrolysis.com bsoelectrolysis at qwest dot net and justice at extremezone dot com

Hi, Andrea

Can I suggest that the correct link to Kimberly Williams’s web is http://www.bostonschoolelectrolysis.com. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

I had a series of interactions with this person yesterday which leads me to believe she is very unstable. Just FYI. I posted it under the listing for her practice.


Is Kimberly Williams the one you were referring to as being “unstable?” I read her site, more specifically the part about the laser. Is that what you were talking about or were you trying to show people the information she has posted? Just wondering…

My understanding is that her information is great. It is her that is unstable.