Electrologist UK

Hi everyone. Can anyone recommend a good Electrologist in the UK? i do know a very good one but unfortunately due to health reasons she only does 45 min treatments, i need someone that can go a bit longer really

I know someone on the west coast of Scotland, with an apilus platinum, who can do long sessions. Would her details be of any help? She is based in Oban.

Bit far for me to travel :frowning: in the West Midlands. I was thinking about contacting Sara Thomas as i think ive read that she also uses the same machine ? not sure if she can do long sessions though, thankyou for the reply though, very much appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile: Would you be able to let me know the details of the lady in the west coast of Scotland with an apilus platinum electrolysis machine based in Oban?

She is Mairi Hawkes of Argyll Electrolysis. We worked together in Sydney for several years.

Thankyou Christine. Hi Starling22, I’m also going to be working from a Glasgow clinic within the next couple of months.