Electrologist needed for full beard removal

Does anyone know a good electrologist in South Florida they can recommend who can remove a full beard using full clearances? Or if I will need to travel, what are the best options for this?

I’m a post-op trans woman who desperately needs this done. Life is very challenging for me having to shave and make myself presentable each morning, and again at night at times when going out. I need to get rid of it, as its affecting my quality of life. My poor skin is suffering terribly.

I am unable to do electrolysis slowly over time on a weekly basis, since I have to shave daily and use makeup. I think I will have to do full clearances.

My head hair and body hair is ash blonde. An electrologist I went to for a time said I have 3 colors in my beard, light brown, red and some white.

Also, can you give me an idea of how many times I will need to do full clearances?


West Palm Beach, FL

Here is where you can find some AEA members in Florida: http://electrology.com/find.html?st=0&state=FL

Regarding how many times…it’s impossible to say.

Although I will say that it is impossible to say what you will need, My clients typically get full clearances every 6 weeks, over 12 to 18 months, so that would make the average 13 full clearances from start to finish with me. Of course, this can’t be projected to other workers, as the variables between practitioners and client skin is wide.

13 is the exact number I had in my head when I was figuring it out. And, though the first full clearance is rough, at 6 weeks, so fewer hairs are growing it should be a breeze in comparison. J

I would reach out to Judy Adams in St Augustine. She does both electrolysis and laser and is an expert on both.


This type of situation is why I always recommend people who are considering transition start their hair removal as soon as possible, before living full time as a woman.

It is a lot more difficult to go through after someone has started living full time. If someone has to have a few days facial growth before a treatment or their face is worse for wear after a treatment then its so much easier to deal with in guy mode.

A friend of mine took my advice and she is so thankful she did.


Thanks for replying everyone, I appreciate it so much.

13 times, wow that is alot (thinking about cost and time). I thought it was about 200hrs on average for a beard. It sounds like I was off by half if clearances are 13 x 30hrs = 390hrs, unless other clearances take less hours.

Thanks for recommending Judy, LAGirl. I will keep her in mind. The important thing is to find someone skilled at fully clearing the face with as little pain and skin damage as possible. I wish I lived near one of you, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for a few years now and have developed some trust already as a result.

I completed some electrolysis earlier in my transition a few years ago but stopped at about 50 hrs and 4 laser sessions. I stopped going with her as I didnt feel she was up to the standards I was reading here.

My priority was my surgeries and correcting my body. I’m very happy with how everything has worked out. I look amazing, fortunately, life has been kind. I dont regret waiting for the electrolysis, but it does present a challenge for me now.

The reason I mentioned that I’m post-op so you would know it’s not possible to have weekly sessions, as I am female now. The importance of completing electrolysis is immense, which I’ll resume soon. As it is, no one can tell since I am so fair. I just have to be done with it.

If I have to fly to where one of you are, then I will have to manage it to at least begin the clearances. I can’t do that 13 times however. There is only so much vacation time and money to go around :slight_smile:

thank you again.



I’m surprised anyone used laser on your hair type.


When someone mentioned 13 clearances, it doesn’t mean they are all going to take the same length of time. If you have already had some electrolysis and the laser done then the first clearance is probably going to take a lot less than 30 hours, probably even less than half of that. Then when you get further along in the number of treatments it might only take an hour or two.

Going to someone like James or E3000 where they do full clearances would be good if you could afford the travel and time, but if you can’t then try to find someone local who can do full clearances. If not then book sessions of 2-3 hours or whatever they can manage on a more regular basis.

The unfortunate side of all of this is that you will need a couple of days of growth prior to a treatment so you could possibly hide out for a couple of days on a weekend and go in for a monday session. Or if you can get full clearances then do that every 6 weeks at first.

You mentioned getting surgeries to correct your body, however getting rid of a beard that you need to shave twice per day sometimes should have also been a priority. Having to do that would make me feel ill, the look, the feel, the grossness of it all.

I hear transsexuals who have tried laser before, just as I did and hoped it would work. In fact early on in the process they rave about it. However I don’t know any who haven’t had to have electrolysis at some point afterwards. Then once they start on the electrolysis they should see it through till they can go back and the electorlogist can’t find a single hair to treat.
Then they can wear minimal makeup and no foundation since it won’t be needed.


Here is something you may want to read, if you have not already.

… possibly also on saturdays. That’s what i did (well, actually i booked an initial intense session to obtain a first full clearance in advance during holidays) - i also started electrolysis after going full time. Some electrologists (can) treat hair 24 hours after shaving.


Some clients shave early morning, go to work and have enough hair to treat by 5 or 6pm.

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Is that only during a full moon?

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