Electrologist near DC?

Anyone know of a good electrologist in the DC area…have sustained much skin damage…looking for somoen with the most up to date equipment and technique…please help?

i just posted this elsewhere so you may see that but if you are still looking for an electrologist in the dc area let me know. i go to two in maryland. it’s regulated by the state there and it’s not in d.c. or virginia, as i understand. i don’t know any real specifics about their equipment but thus far my skin looks good after treatments with both of them. they both use blend bcs they think it is more gentle on the skin and both have been practising between 15-20 years. so let me know if you’re interested.

I’m interested to know who the two in MD are!

I live in MD and would like to know who you recommend there.

Who are you seeing in Maryland Jessica? I am in the area and am looking to begin electrolysis within the next few weeks. I don’t have a car here so if its near the metro area or within a bus route from the metro that is ok. Thanks!