Electrologist in Wilmington Delaware

I am looking for an electrologist in Wilmington Delaware, or the nearby area. I am looking into getting all my hair, entire scalp, removed and am just overwhelmed by all the information & variations on technology that are out there. I’m not going to say money is no object, but I don’t want to bother wasting my money on laser or IPL, when it basically can grow back. I want it gone. I can take the pain and the amount of time it is likely to take. I just need a good place to start & talk it over.

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That’s a formidable challenge that will require a lot of money. For a job of that size, you will be doing a lot of treatment. If you have light skin and dark hair, it may be possible to knock the amount of hair down a bit with laser, and though there are no guarantees, hair on the forehead and crown is usually pretty easy to kill.

You will probably have a LOT of redness and stuff to deal with/explain while you are in the process, unless you wear a hat or cap.

It is vital that you choose a good practitioner and avoid sun before and after treatments.

To be honest, I imagine it will be hard to find someone in Wilmington who has successfully removed all of someone’s head hair. You may have to go looking far and wide.

Yes, I’m finding out just that!! I looked into the IPL process, but it doesn’t seem to get a good rap on these boards. I am light skinned with dark brown, almost black, hair. I think I would make out better than most, but I don’t want to waste the 1k plus they say it will take. It’s worth it if it will work the “up to 90%” but not the “at least 64%”. I am looking for total hair removal, never to come back again or as close as I can get.

I will check back & keep researching. Thanks for your input.