Electrologist in the Seattle Area?

Can someone recommend the best electrologist in the Seattle area? I have 1 dark hair on my neck that keeps bothering me that I want to get rid of. How much does it cost to remove 1 hair and will it be permanently removed in 1 treatment?

When it comes to ONE SINGLE HAIR, in most cases, one might get it done for free during a consultation. Barring that, one would just have to pay what ever one’s minimum charge would be. I think most places have a minimum charge of about $20.

Now, what you need to understand is that while the one hair that is removed will be gone and gone for good, the fact that you see a hair there all year is evidence that you have one hair that is there from, say January to March, and then another that takes over from March to May, and then hands off to another that goes on from May through July/August, sort of thing. In the best case situation, one would need to do three treatments spread out over a year. As such, one would be spending at least $60 in minimum treatment time charges.

I would suggest that you maximize your treatment dollars. Get that pesky neck hair done, and spend the rest of the 15 minute minimum on some leg hairs, or some underarm hairs.

For more info, that will explain this idea, visit this link: