Electrologist in Portugal or Spain (advanced PCOS)


Anyone have good recommendations for electrologist in Portugal: Lisbon area preferred but don’t mind to travel to Spain as long as electrologist is great?

Moving to Portugal in October for 4-6 months to take time off and take care of health, and wish to continue my just-started-electrolysis treatments on my PCOS beard, moustache, chest and back areas. I’ll likely have some 35-40 hours of electrolysis done by that time on face-chin-neck area already and don’t wish to leave it at that.

Also very willing to continue follow-up treatments with same electrologist.

Proper woman’s PCOS beard and potential for beautiful clean end results!:wink: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Sp-tyGQ4mCI/VMAlbxehAfI/AAAAAAAAIqE/AWScjK4x6-Q/s1600/picture.jpg

All recommendations are very welcomed and highly appreciated - super thanks in advance!


Hope we can help, I’ll ask some of my colleagues on our professional FB page I’m not sure about Portugal but I know several are from Spain.
Of course there is Josefa however I believe she’s not taking on new clients at the moment.
By the way thank you for posting the photo, many many women think this extent of facial hair is very rare but it’s not, females go to great lengths to disguise the hair growth mainly shaving and using make up to camouflage.
Full time specialist electrologists deal with and remove conditions like this on a regular basis.

Hopefully some of the Spanish electrologists will help out .

Hi, Mairi!

Thank You so much for taking the time and making inquiries, this will be of huge help! I live part time Estonia (where I’m from) and part time Finland at the moment and have found a solid electrologist in Estonia, with whom I’m doing extensive sessions throughout summer and early fall, and already so far results have strongly encouraged me to stay on this path.

But as I wrote, do not wish to stop at that once I leave to Portugal for fall-winter due to work, and definitely willing to take trips to Spain to have someone professional working on me. I’m also hopeful that looking few months ahead will make me able to book times, as many great professionals are booked so far ahead.

My so far research hasn’t lead to electrologists in Portugal with solid references yet, even that I’ve done my research in Portuguese language and also asked through acquaintances working in endocrinology - but, unfortunately doctors don’t seem to make much reference to electrolysis there. Atleast not the ones that I know. Spain seems to have many, but it is hard to tell whose who.

Picture wise - yes, heh, not the easiest to post, but I think here this sort of visual reference is always helpful. No shame!

Heaps of thanks in advance!

PS! See You’re based in Scotland! Had my first ever trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh this spring briefly and oh how I fell in love with even that little of Scotland that I got to see. Definitely a place to revisit and see the nature there!



Im doing electrolysis in in a portuguese town not very far from Lisbon, called Leiria. the clinic is called Visage this is their site http://www.visage.pt
I’ve been doing electrolysis in all my face due to some hair and laser stimulation. The laser I’ve done (about 12 sessions) ended up messing my facial hair even more. I’m now doing weekly appointments of 50 min/1 hour every week. they use apilus technology. I see some improvements in these 7 months, but I feel I have a long way to run…

also, I heard about this new place in lisbon, I don’t know anyone that had experiences with them, but maybe you might be interested to know: ines rebelo skincare. and also a place called Terry system.

As Josefa Macias has been very oriented in Spain. I personally have my consultation in Albacete, Spain and if you do not find anything closer, I would be happy to help you solve your problem as soon as possible.
Concha Miralles consulting hair removal since 1973.

I’m at your disposal. Greetings.

THANK YOU, Concha for speaking up! People need help locating great electrologists!

Thank you Dee Fahey.


My name is Inês Rebelo and I have been an electrologist for 7 years now. Electrolysis became my specialization because, apart from being what I love to do, there are many desperate woman with many hormonal issues, with years of laser and IPL with no results. So, this is what I do, all day long :). I’m based in Lisbon, near Amoreiras Shopping Center and I’m now preparing everything to go to Porto, more or last 2, 3 times a month for now, precisely because in Porto and in the north of the country there’s no electrologist either. I’ll leave my website and my electrolysis treatment page for everyone who wants to take a look and know more about my work:

Thank you very much and hope all work out for you :).