Electrologist in Huntington Beach, California

hey everyone, I’m a newbie so I would like to say hi to everyone. I was looking into an electrolysis, I have been reading on here for while, I would like to know if anyone knows or heard of this lady “Esther Ference” she is in huntington beach, california. If anyone has done any treatmenst from her, how well does she perform? is place clean? all that stuff, the money is not the issue just need someone safe, and someone knows what they are doing. Here is her link, or if anyone knows of any else in Orange County area, please do iform me asap, your time will be greatly appreciated. Below is her link, of her website and qualifications, reason I liked her was she was “RN” as well. So, Im assumin she is very clean, etc.


Thank you,

it’s really impossible to tell from their description of themselves. you need to go for a consultation and a 15 min treatment. Then check out 2-3 others and compare how your skin reacts and what you think of their services. you can run a search on this site. there have been a few other recommendations in your area that you can check out.