electrologist in Chicago ( close to hyde park)

Hi everyone. Im back to this website and hoping for better results through electrolysis ( I had laser treatments before). Can anyone tell me a good practitioner in Chicago (close to hyde park would be perfect, but close to downtown also works). I will really appreciate it.
Also, i foudn this woman who is charging me $100/hour. Correct me if im wrong but that sounds way too much. How much should i usually expect?
Thanks in advance.

my zip is 60615, if it helps.
Thanks in advance.

I reviewed some of your previous posts. Your laser situation was not ideal. You have darker skin and you started off with an Aurora IPL, then a Lightsheer? Did you ever end up going to American Laser Centers in Michigan?

Perhaps if you had started with a good laser like a GentleYag, you would have had some reduction. You did not set yourself up for the best laser care possible, but maybe you eventually did? I can’t read all 57 of your previous posts. You have experienced the worst of laser care and that’s exactly why electrolysis is not an outdated process. Consumers need highly skilled electrolysis more than ever and that is why many skilled electrologists are busier than ever today. It’s the only place that people can run to for assured permanent hair removal when all else fails to deliver. I’d hate to know how much you have spent so far on laser.

I don’t know anyone in that Chicago zip code. All I can firmly urge you to do is to SEEK out someone who has the stamina and skill to remove hair from shoulders and back. Someone that says she or he can do no longer than an hour appointment will get you nowhere. You need much longer appointments in the beginning, closer together. Make sure they are using modern technology so that they can remove the hair at a good speed using the faster forms of electrolysis. Make sure they are using the largest probe size possible to match the hair diameter. Get consults and short treatments to see how it feels and heals. Observe how much hair can be removed in 30 minutes and that will give you a way to compare the good, better, and best for electrolysis care in your zip code. If you can’t find it there, then make your geographic circle bigger.

Thanks Dhafey…ur input is always appreciated. Ur right, my experience with laser wasnt good at all. Thats the reason why i wanna go get electrolysis done. Im not restricted to HYDE PARK in CHicago only…Any commutable distance would be ok with me as long as the electrologist is a good one. Any recommendations anyone please?

If no one responds, start your own search.


In Chicago, $100 per hour would be in the average zone. You would expect to pay between $60 - $150 per hour, but in Chicago I would say that $100 per hour would be about average unless you were getting some sort of package price for prepayment, or some coupon special.

The people we can say have treated HairTell posters and have had good feedback are:

Cloda (near Ashland and Wellington). Call her at 773-549-8580 and tell her Andera Sent you.

James has had treatment from, and recommends 3 people in that area so far.
Just two hours by car from Chicago you have:
Rhonda Elmer
Electrolysis Center and Tanning
1601 Spring Square Alley
Monroe WI 53566
She is good, does both thermolysis, and blend, and would give you multi hour appointments if you asked nicely. Book well in advance, and you could have many long appointments in a month. Just be sure to honor the appointments you make.

In Chicago, but much harder to get time with is:
Debbie Strickland
Merle Norman Cosmetics
7323 N. Harlem Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714
847 600-3000
She now has 3 CPE’s working with her and two more taking the test October 2005
Lots of experience, and perfectly able to do long appointments if they can be fit into her VERY busy schedule.

Also in Chicago, Taught by Debbie Strickland, the newest member of The Electrolgy SuperFriends (and now with upgraded equipment:
Cassandra M. McCabe CPE
Cassie Electrolysis
7107 W. Belmont Avenue Suite 6
Chicago, IL 60634
773 919-4247

You should also run a search on “Chicago”, “McCabe” and “Strickland” for more information and possible stories about what is available in your area.

Thank you so much James. Uve always been a great help.
I was wondering if someone has had experience with Debra Tamblyn. SHe works in downtown chicago and claims to have the latest equipment. Ill be going for a test patch today at her office.
If it doesnt look good, ill contact one of your referals James.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi khiz,

I started my regular electrolysis with Debbie Strickland last September. I have spent almost 30 hours with her and I am really glad that James recommended her to me and I decided to contact her. I did have scar from another electrologist when i was visiting California and my experience with her was very painful. I also have experience with having electrolysis from a good electrologist but she still has no comparison with Debbie.

I am very glad that I found Debbie and I can not ever imagine to switch. I never felt her insertions, sometimes I can tell only by the movement of her hands that she is working on me. I think if you live in Chicago area then you should definitely try to get her work on you. Contact information is provided in James’ post. If you need my before and after pictures, send me a private message. She charges me $80/hour or less if I buy 10 hours at a time.

Hi all. Thanks again for all your inputs. I went to this lady, Debra who was a nurse with a doctor for quite some time before she opened her own office on Wabash. I will start a new thread and explain in detail my experience with her as time goes on.
By the way, since 127 is so impressed with Debbie Strictland, I will surely touch her up as well. Currently im only getting my cheeks done but wanted to get my shoulders and back as well. I will send you a private message as well, 123 so that you can show me some pictures (if you dont mind).
Thanks again.

Hi, would anyone have an opinion on whether I should go with Debbie or Cassy? I know Debbie taught Cassy, but with Cassy having the newer equipment would it be better to go with her? Can Debbie’s equipment perform microflash / picoflash? I’m a male who is going to be getting their upper lip, some of the upper cheeks, and neck below the beard line treated. Not going for full clearance, but cleanup, as I still like having a beard. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!


Sure put a guy on the spot! :eek:

I may lose some hugs and kisses over this one, but unless Debbie has recently upgraded and I don’t know about it, I would have to give the edge to Cassy in the arms race at the moment. Of course, with any equipment, both do good work. It would be well worth your time to get sample treatments from both.

I started with Cassy this morning. So far, so good. The amount of redness and swelling following my treatment was way less than with other people I’ve had do electrolysis on me, and she worked at a great and comfortable pace. I’ll be continuing my treatments with her for sure.

[size:20pt]BADA BING![/size]

Bada boom!

Yeah, as the day progresses, I am still way happy with the results. I didn’t know electrolysis could be like this – what a difference a truly skilled practitioner makes. That’s not to say there isn’t any redness or swelling, it’s just WAY WAY less than my previous experiences.

Also, it should be noted that I would normally apply a perscription numbing cream (some lidocaine mix) as a topical anesthetic an hour before my treatments on the upper lip, and although I didn’t use any with Cassy my entire session was actually more comfortable and less painful than when I used the numbing ointment. That, and she was actually the first electrolygist I’ve been to that actually knew what she was talking about when it came to aftercare(it lined up with what you guys suggest on Hairtell). Some of the other people I saw suggested some things that are listed as NONOs on these boards.

I’ll update again in a month or so and let ya know how things are going.

Great electrologists do exist.

Pinkness/redness and mild swelling goes hand and hand with electrolysis or with anything else that disturbs the skin’s peaceful environment. Our laser posters can attest to the swelling and redness they had with expertly performed laser. It is nothing to worry about. In fact, one better worry if there was no signs of redness and mild swelling because probably, then, nothing was a affected.