Electrologist - Adelaide

I’m moving from NZ to Australia. Does anyone know of a good Electrologist in Adelaide?
Or what credentials I should look for in an electrologist in Australia?
Also, what method is most effective in permanently removing the hair, thermolysis or blend? I have been getting the thermolysis-type electrolysis and I am seeing a reduction in hair growth, but don’t know if this is because of the electrolysis or because I am on high-dose cyproterone acetate + estelle35 (For PCOS), I started the medication around the same time as the electrolysis treatment. The reason I’m not so sure about the effectiveness of the electrolysis I’m having is that I have a particular rogue hair on my jawline that has been treated at least 6 times but keeps coming back (although it is now finer than it was to start with), it’s next to a freckle so I know it’s the same one that keeps coming back. Do you think the hair follicle should have died with the number of treatments it’s had by now?


I have had clients in the past who have had good treatment in Adelaide,
but unfortunately I dont know who the operaters were.
There are no specific Australian qualifications to look for. Electrologists here either train overseas, or at Beauty Colleges which only provide very basic training usually.
Regarding your persistent hair, hairs close to freckles have a better than average blood supply, and can be persistent. The fact that the growth is getting finer sounds good.
How long have you been having treatment for ?

Thank you for your post Christine and sorry to reply so late (I have now moved over to Adelaide and have only just set up the internet). I started the medication and the electrolysis around the same time which was April/May last year. I was very happy with the electrolysis treatment I received. At the time I thought it was quite expensive at NZ$140 per hour ($98 US, $109 Australian) but now that I’m in Australia I’m shocked at how expensive it is here - I’ve called about 10 different places and it varies from minimum AU$40 to $60 PER 10 MINUTES! Is this the standard in Australia? In NZ I was doing a 1 hour session every 2 weeks and this was just for the coarser hairs, ideally I wanted to eventually tackle the finer hairs. There is no way I can afford this here (it would be $240-360 per hour every fortnight!). I’m so sad and disappointed as I was so happy with electrolysis, I know if I go back to waxing and threading it will make the hairs coarser again. Please let me know what you think.

Hi, I’m from Adelaide. There aren’t many places at all who do electrolysis, and since there is no licensing there’s no way to tell how good a place is going to be :S I remember years ago when I first looked at hair removal, there was a place on Brighton Road at Brighton, purple and green building, near Brighton train station, that had $30 for 10 minutes and then $1 per minute afterward (if I remember correctly). The woman in charge there had a lot of experience.

Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I have been doing some searches on electrologists in Adelaide, I’m currently getting LHR and looking into electrolysis in the future. But I was hoping for somewhere closer to home.