electro-laser debate

Have read with interest the recent posts favoring electro over laser (mostly from electro professionals it appears), and find myself more confused than enlightened. While elecro is the only way to go with white hairs (I will start with a local electologists this month to deal with mine ), I find the laser has worked beautifully on the tremendous bulk of black beard and body hair. I may see some regrowth, but do not anticipate a great deal, as male hormones are nearly absent in my system to drive the regrowth. What laws of physics am I missing?


Some consumers with light skin and dark hair have not responded well to laser. The reasons are unclear. Treatment parameters and practitioner skill lead the list, but it is possible that even under ideal conditions some will not see a permanent result from laser.

There is still much to be learned, and laser clinics rarely give unconditional guarantees of permanent results.