Electro - Actual Hours (Male - Whole Body)

My story is that I am a 50 year old white male, but I always hated facial and ball hair. Just over 3 years ago I started exploring more of myself and going from a once a year to a twice a month cross-dresser. I have never taken HRT (Hormones) and unlikely to do so.

I’m also different from most Trans-folk in that I don’t shave in between electrolysis sessions. (I’m not wearing makeup everyday.)

It took me along time to finally get Electrolysis going, but I finally found a good technician here in San Francisco from a friend’s referral. I also read this forum to the beginning, so I had a pretty good idea about what I was getting into.

When I started Electrolysis, I experimented with combinations of drugs to deal with the pain. What works for me is taking 1/2 a vicodin, 2 tylenol, and 2-4 advil (or 1 Meloxicam). I suggest taking the drugs an hour before the session starts. (I end up taking the drugs just before I start driving and then applying cream when I get there, so I’m always really early.) (It takes 20 minutes for Vicodin to hit the blood stream, so I can get there before Vicodin starts to take affect.)

I take the three pain medications because they are not the same type of pain medications. I wouldn’t take Advil and Meloxicam together or Tramadol and Vicodin together because then I’m doubling up on the same type, and getting into dangerous areas. Please talk to a Medical Professional if you have any questions. I had a lengthy discussion with my Doctor about the Vicodin. Opiates aren’t for everyone.

I also tried several of those crappy numbing creams from Ebay. Any one of them will be fine enough.

However if you can buy BLT Cream from the internet… DO IT ! The (single tube) BLT cream I bought is 20% Benzocaine, 6% Lidocaine, 4% Tetracaine. The website I bought it from did say it required a prescription which I did have a written one from my Doctor, but it never actually required me to upload the prescription. The website is biosenseclinic.com or .ca - BLT cream is not listed on their site anymore except they do have “Custom Numbing Cream” which I suspect is what they’ll offer you if you ask. (I bought 4 tubes 1 year ago, and still have 1 new tube.) The 60 gram tubes are about twice the size of a travel size toothpaste, and ran me about 50$ US for each tube. One tube (60 gram) will last forever if you’re just doing your face.

You can buy BLT cream from other places.

With the combo of the drugs and the BLT cream the upper lip area is basically no pain, if the cream is on there good enough. (The lower neck area actually hurts more now than the upper lips because I don’t put on as much cream in that area.)

My Electrolysis sessions have been almost all 2 hour sessions twice per week since April 2017.

My initial goal was just to do my face and balls, but now all my hair is going below my eyebrows and sideburns. Yes, I kept my sideburns, and they’ve not had electrolysis on them, so I do have decent comparison pictures.

(I’m going to start posting details on treatment hours in follow up posts.)

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I started Electrolysis on my face in April 2017. I have a pretty hairy Western European “white guy” beard.

(Almost all sessions are 2 hours and twice per week.) I have records of everything kept in Excel.

The weeks or days of growth indicate how long in between clearances from one clear to another clear.

1st Clear - 11 sessions - 21 hours in 5 weeks. Completed May 16, 2017
2nd Clear - 5.5 hours - 3 weeks growth - Total 26.5 hrs
3rd Clear - 8.5 hours - 4 weeks growth - Total 35 hrs
4th Clear - 12.5hours - 6 weeks growth - Total 47.5 hrs
5th Clear - 9.25 hours - 4 weeks growth - Total 56.75 hrs
6th Clear - 4.5 hours - 2 weeks growth - Total 60.25 hrs
7th Clear - 13 hours - 7 weeks growth - Total 73.25 hrs (I went on vacation prior to this Clear)
8th Clear - 9 hours - 3 weeks growth - Total 82.25 hrs
9th Clear - 3 hours - 11 days growth - Total 85.25 hrs
10th Clear - 1h 40m - 9 days growth - Total 86h 55m
11th Clear - 6h 55m - 15 days growth - Total 93h 50m
12th Clear - 5h 10m - 13 days growth - Total 99 hrs
13th Clear - 2h 10m - 14 days growth - Total 103.09 hrs
14th Clear - 4h - 15 days of growth - Total 107.09 hrs - Feb 2018 9 months
15th Clear - 5h - 14 days of growth - Total 112.09 hrs
16th Clear - 4h - 14 days of growth - Total 116.09 hrs
17th Clear - 3.5h - 13 days of growth - Total 119.66 hrs
18th Clear - 4.3h - 22 days of growth - Total 124 hrs
19th Clear - 3h - 13 days of growth - Total 127 hrs
20th Clear - 2.5h - 14 days growth - Total 129.5 hrs - May 2018 1 year Anniversary of Electro on the Face
21st Clear - 2h - 12 days growth - Total 131.5 hrs
22nd Clear - 1h45m - 14 days growth - Total 133.25 hrs
23rd Clear - 2h 45m - 22 days growth - Total 136 hrs
24th Clear - 2h - 13 days of growth - Total 138 hrs
25th Clear - 1h 45m - 15 days of growth - Total 139.75 hrs
26th Clear - 1h 45m - 21 days of growth - Total 141.50 hrs - Aug 2018 - 15 months

You’ll notice that I’ve been getting Cleared every 2 weeks and that is by my choice. I go to trans parties and plan on getting my face done just prior to the party, so my face is smooth and I don’t have to touch my face with a razor. (Except the sideburns! ha)

At 15 months I know everything is regrowth, and most of the hairs on my face are on the upper lip and goatee. My cheeks and neck have very few hair’s left on them.

I feel my Electrologist is pretty darn good. She goes at a pretty good speed using an Apilus machine. I never feel tweezed and very few double zaps are needed.

Time is money and whatnot, so I’ll say she’s also very close to me in SF which helps immensely.

I’m at 135 sessions in 15 months (~80 on my face).

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My Legs did not start out very hairy. My legs are probably the area I’m least satisfied with on an all things being equal basis. I’m hoping now that I’m past the 1 year mark of my legs being done that the clearance’s will be much shorter.


1st Clear - 9 hours - Completed Jun 20, 2017
2nd Clear - 11.5 hours - 1 month growth - Total 20.5 hours
3rd Clear - 10 hours - 2.5 months growth - Total 30.5 hours
4th Clear - 7.5 hours - 3.5 months growth - Total 38 hours
5th Clear - 6.5 hours - 1 month growth - Total 44.5 hours
6th Clear - 3.5 hours - 1.75 months growth - Total 48 hours
7th Clear - 7.3 hours - 2 months growth - Total 55.3 hours - 13th months anniversary

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I separated out all my hours by Face, Legs, Balls, Ass, Pubic Area, Armpits, Chest, Belly and Back.

Armpits - Normal hairy
1st Clear - 2 hours - Completed Sept 14, 2017
2nd Clear - 2.25 hours - 2 months growth - Total 4.25 hours
3rd Clear - 1 hour - 3 months growth - Total 5.25 hours
4th Clear - 1 hour - 1.5 months growth - Total 6.25 hours
5th Clear - 45 min - 1.75 month growth - Total 7 hours
6th Clear - 1 hour - 1 month growth - Total 8 hours - 10.5 months anniversary

Pubic Area (Above Cock Upto Belly) - Normal Hairy
1st Clear - 4.75 hours - Completed Oct 3, 2017
2nd Clear - 2 hours - 3 months growth - Total 6.75 hours
3rd Clear - 1.5 hours - 3 months growth - Total 8.25 hours
4th Clear - 1 hours - 1 months growth - 9.25 Total 9.25 hours
5th Clear - 1.5 hours - 1.75 months growth - Total 10.75 hours
6th Clear - 1.25 hours - 1 month growth - Total 12 hours - 10 month anniversary

Balls (Normal Hairy)
1st Clear - 4.75 hours - Completed Dec 13, 2017
2nd Clear - 1.5 hours - 1 month growth - Total 6.25 hours
3rd Clear - 3 hours - 3 months growth - Total 9.25 hours
4th Clear - 2.3 hours - 2 months growth - Total 11.55 hours
5th Clear - 1.75 hours - 1 month growth - Total 13.3 hours 7.5 months anniversary

Chest (Started out light on the hairy scale - 3/10) the Chest is the area I feel has had the best results.
1st Clear - 2 hours - Completed Sept 20th, 2017
2nd Clear - 3.3 hours - 4.5 months growth - Total 5.3 hours
3rd Clear - 2.25 hours - 4 months growth - Total 7.55 hours

Ass (Butt Crack) Really painful if I don’t get it creamed properly
1st Clear - 2.5 hours - Completed Feb 21, 2018
2nd Clear - 2 hours - 2 months growth - Total 4.5 hours
3rd Clear - 1.5 hours - 1.5 months growth - Total 6 hours - I’m behind on doing this area for the 4th Clear

The Back and Belly are not very important to me because I always wear a shaper thing when I dress up and it covers the hairs on my back/belly. I also had very very little (dark/coarse) hair on my upper back to start with. I’ve done 5/6.5 hours on my back/belly respectively, and I’ll finish them eventually but they are low on the priority list.

I realize that I’m not quite at one year of Electrolysis on my body, and I’m expecting clearances on those areas to be much faster with much less hair sooner or later.

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Ah I’m bummed to learn that I can’t continue to edit my posts… I was going to start adding pictures which I guess I’ll do when I update those posts.

Also I wanted to add a note about using those crappy numb creams from Ebay (2-3$ for a small tube.) I do use the crappy creams on areas that aren’t very painful - cheeks of face, below knee on leg, belly, chest.

I use BLT cream for non-cheek area of face. Toes. Armpits. Above the knee on my legs especially front of thigh area and inner thigh area. Pubic area, cock hairs, balls, and ass I really use alot of BLT cream.

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Hi Whistler

Thank you so much for the info.


Continuing from the Original Post

26th Clear - 1h 45m - 21 days of growth - Total 141.50 hrs - Aug 2018 - 15 months of Electrolysis
27th Clear - 2h 45m - 35 days of growth - Total 144.25 hrs
28th Clear - 2h 45m - 21 days of growth - Total 147 hrs - this took longer because I’d never done my sideburns before that session.
29th Clear - 1h30m - 21 days of growth - Total 148.5 hrs - Nov 2018 - 8 months.

I do have a session this week but it’s only been 2 weeks and there are very few hairs visible, and I can’t even feel that many outside of my upper lip and goatee. (I don’t shave in between Electrolysis sessions.)

Might just skip getting my face down and work on my legs !

Picture is PRE-Electrolysis !

Not a great picture, but it is exactly one month of beard - no shaving. I have lots of pics with me in a beard, but only this one is timed.

I’d show you a picture of hair on my face now after 2 weeks of no shaving, but HAHA there isn’t any visible!

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Who was your electrologist in San Francisco? I live in SF as well and trying to find a good one.