electrical shock

I had my first thermolysis session a month ago, having work done on the bikini line. At the surface level, everything looks fine. During the treatment, I could feel the current through my toes on two insertions on the right hand side. it was not terribly painful at that moment, just weird. The practitioner said it was normal, but i am still occasionally feeling tingly in my right-side toes and my whole right leg up through my hip feels different. I don’t know if I had a spasm and pulled a muscle or if I sustained nerve damage (and heavens forbid organ damage in the reproductive area).

The whole experience freaked me out so much i haven’t been interested in pursuing any more treatments. I had read “electric shock” was a possible complication while doing internet research, but had not read any anecdotal experiences among people’s many issues here and assumed it was a remote possibility.

Is this a common experience? Has anyone else had this experience?

Interested in technical explanation too – does the needle have to be inserted too far in for this to happen? or can it just be the current through the moisture in the follicle?

Appreciate your response

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. My wife occasionally feels stimulation in areas beside that being epilated. I think it’s not the electricity but rather the mechanical and heat stimulation of nerves in the area - much like how acupuncture can suppress pain just by inserting needles in the right places.

  • Eric

In most cases, this is just an anomoly of how your body reacts. In some other cases, it is a sign that it is time for the electrologist to get new probe/needle holder cords, or perhaps get the machine serviced.

You should be ok for future treatments, and perhaps you may want to check out a few other electrologists to see if you have the same experience with anyone esle.