Electric tweezers and typos

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Data and bacteria are plural. Do you think you can fix the various typos on
the site, and the two absurd metric conversions? The F glossary has a
mistake. “side effects” take fewer, not less.

Your site is an interesting subject to devote so much to… About those
electric tweezers, if current can’t flow to and kill the follicle, then how
is it able to produce a little pain, sometimes, and release the hair without
pain? And why can’t, say, a drop of brine or other electrolyte substitute
for the needle since a fluid can penetrate better than a solid?

Oh, and why not just solder a needle tip onto one of those electric tweezers?

There’s this thing with electricity called “path of least resistance.” You can see a couple of examples here:


The top example shows metal probes, and the bottom shows your tweezers.

The pain you occasionaly feel is because there are nerves throughout the body in addition to the cluster around the base of each follicle. The electricity can stimulate those nerves.

A metal probe is a more reliable delivery vehicle for energy because of the follicle structure. Unlike sweat glands, follicles don’t really open up that well, making it difficult to force brine or gel all the way to the root. The infundibulum tends to close unless held open by the probe.

You could solder a metal probe onto an electric tweezer device, but the probes are thin as hairs and bend easily. They often need to be replaced. Better to buy a unit that is designed for replaceable probes.

If you use a pair of tweezers and apply steady pressure to any hair for 15 seconds to two minutes, you will find they often slide out quite easily. This is especially true if they are in their last growth stages.

Do you have Asperger’s Syndrome? The tone of your notes suggests you are very poorly socialized. That is sometimes a sign of undiagnosed autism. You should look into it.

[color:“blue”]aaahh! am confused! are u tslking about epilators!? [/color]

Loony, the terminology is confusing. On this board, we distinguish rotary epilators, which have spinning heads with rows of tweezers on them, from el;ectric tweezers, which look like regular household tweezers, but are attached to a electricity source. Rotary epilators are a good option for some who wish to clear legas and arms temporarily. Electric tweezers are basically a scam.

At issue is whether an electric tweezer can deliver energy to the root of a hair. The basic answer is no, not at the levels needed to cause permanent removal.

The poster then asked about modifying an electric tweezer by using a conductive gel rubbed into the skin. This has not been demonstrated in published data to improve effectiveness of electric tweezers.

The poster than asked about modifying an electric tweezer by soldering a metal probe to it. Rather than doing that, you should just buy a device that is designed to use these disposable probes.

Bottom line: electric tweezers have not been proven to work as claimed. Home units that employt a metal probe can work as claimed, but are difficult to use.

LOL, I got whisked away to Wikipedia work and even read the article on Asperger’s Syndrome before checking back here. I took the test: only got two-thirds of the needed score. I either have mild Asperger’s or the exact opposite: I fully understand social and psychological cues, but don’t always need them. Were you talking about my abruptness? They were just the facts.

There are some more typos on that needle page. I’d been all over the site but couldn’t even find those pages from browsing the directory, and it’s hard to tell where a page is linked from without using the URL and groping around.

Yeah, I was talking about how you come across like a real douchebag in your letter.

Update: just went over to Wikipedia and see you have a rep for being a world-class goatse.

I don’t usually offend unless I’ve been offended, which is often because I’m sensitive to what people say and do.

About the hairs, the electric tweezers don’t need to apply pressure for the hair to slide out; it happens after the spot tingles.

Au contraire, you have to be one of the most insensitive a-holes on the planet to get written up on Wikipedia.

Chemicals and energy can cause hair to shed, but unless it is at levels which destroy the hair matrix while sparing surrounding tissue the result is temporary.

Being sensitive or not doesn’t correlate with one’s deeds; I was talking about getting the intentions and feelings of others, which I greatly do.

I replied to your claim, “If you use a pair of tweezers and apply steady pressure to any hair for 15 seconds to two minutes, you will find they often slide out quite easily.”, showing that it was irrelevant because no pressure was needed to pull the hairs out after using the tweezers, after having felt tingling or pain from a treatment. And if the tweezers were not applied, such pressure would be needed.

Anyway… I found someone on eBay selling “One Touch Painless Tweeze” (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=11840&item=4366791427&rd=1) using RF. I don’t know if this is the same One Touch with the needles. Look at the lengthy description and the me page of midnite.star, who goes on a tract about what removal is permanent or not. I may need your intervention.

All I can say is:

You want to know if a $15 2 AA battery THERMOLYSIS unit will provide you with anything other than a way to loose $15 plus shipping? I thought you read the site better than that!

For something this size to have much reliability it would have to be a Galvanic Unit, and even then, it would still have drawbacks.

Come on now, if you insist on home work, do what we have told you to do. Find an Electrolysis Buddy to trade work with. Buy and (both of you) read the “Cannon of Electrolysis Text Books”. Find a used professional unit, and get to work.

It is still our advise that you find a good to great electrologist and get your work done safely and quickly.

loose -> lose
Cannon -> Canon
advise -> advice

I hope you’re not talking to me, because I didn’t write it.

loose -> lose
Cannon -> Canon
advise -> advice

I hope you’re not talking to me, because I didn’t write it.

The user who made the spelling flame above has experienced permanent troll removal. I will not tolerate this kind of disruptive and unproductive behavior. This is only the third person I have ever banned, which is a 0.04% removal rate.

Hey, most people understand that for us to handle the volume of questions here, IN ADDITION to our real jobs, we are furiously typing in the spare time we could be using to do anything else. I type between 75 and 100 wpm, so I can write more than many. That also means that I have a great possibility for typoes that I may not take the time to double check.

I think most people don’t mind a few typoes if the alternative is less of me posting.

Well I won’t buy any electric tweezesr (oops) after reading this. I am one of the original requestors for a spell checker and I know it (typos) still happen for the reasons James pointed out. Good call on the ban Andrea.