electric shavers for facial hair

Throughout this site, I’ve seen several statements that suggest electric shavers will help stop ingrowns.


is this because
A) the shavers shave less closely…and because you’re maintaining a 5 o clock shadow, PFB becomes less of a problem?


B) electric shavers cut in such a way that the ends of the hair are dull…and less likely to curl back into the skin?

finally, is there a recommended brand/model that offers a close shave? (hopefully one that isn’t too pricey and that can do fine stuff like the edge under sideburns)

Hi Hairymonster

Firstly electrics shave as close as blades on most models. My favorite is the wet & dry coolskin from Phillips or Norelco. I has a very high speed triple action rotary blade and features skin soothing gel with a pump action and you can use it anywhere, in the shower with soap or shaving gel or in the bath. It is fully submersible and completely safe for such use. I shave my legs and it takes me 5 minutes - no blade can match that without nicks and cuts. My facial hair is less than 2 minutes and cleaning is a pleasure - 30 secondes under a hot tap and it’s done! The shavers cut close and clean, but come at a price. Mine was ZAR 1200.00. Divide by about 6.2 for the USA and you will see. They take about 3 to 6 years to justify in temrs of cost, but the convieniance is out of this world. Try travelling without one and you will see. Blades have also become very expensive of late.