Electric razor tips

shavers/com, a commercial site, has excellent tips for those who prefer an electric razor:

Electric razor tips

They also sell a good selection of electric razors for men and women, as well as beard trimmers. I have not ordered from them and this is not an endorsement.

DO NOT use pre-shave lotion with any Braun electric shaver. They don’t recommend it and using it may void your warranty. They do not tell you this in the owner’s manual. Some of the chemicals in the pre-shave may attack some of the plastic parts. That could result in a noisy shaver that vibrates a lot and has reduced closeness.

The Braun without pre-shave shaves better than other electrics with pre-shave. Wash your skin with a non-oily soap and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Doing that makes a big difference. Electrics dont work very well at all on oily skin. The best soap I have found is the Ivory Skin Cleansing Liqui-Gel. It’s cheap and you can get it at Wal-Mart. Refills are less than $2.

If you want to use a pre-shave get a Remington shaver. They shave close but don’t last very long. One year if you’re lucky. The Williams Lectric Shave is too greasy for me and will clog your shaver. The best electric pre-shaves are the Remington Liquid Pre-Shave (hard to find) and the Afta Pre-Electric by Mennen. They dry into a fine powder that keeps your skin dry for electric shaving.

Hope this helps.


This is absolutely right-- always follow manufacturer instructions.

Great tips! Thanks for sharing your experiences with various pre-shave products!

There are also many tips on electric razors at my forum. But, no, pre-shave doesn’t “attack” the plastic of Braun razors whatsoever. These pre-shave products are specifically designed for use with all brands of electric razors, including Braun.