electric razor bumps


OK, embarrassing as it is, I started shaving with my husband’s electric Norelco (rotary razor). I shave my chin, over by my ears, and neck (the hair is quite thick, but fortunately blonde). Since the color is light, the stubble can come in and it doesn’t look weird (I think…). BUT, I have had a major outbreak of little zits all over my neck and chin line. Any suggestions?


The trick to using an electric razor is to keep the foil and blades super-clean and lubricated according to manufacturer instructions. Sharing a razor can sometimes cause additional skin issues.

The main cause of problems with irritations from electric razoers is pressing down too hard. It won’t give a closer shave usually, but it does waer doen the heads and cause more friction on the skin.

Some find an electric shave prep can help with irritation, but make sure the manufacturer suggests it.

Electric razors take time for your skin to get used to-- as long as a month or more of regular use.

Immediately after treatment, clean the area with something soothing like witch hazel, Tend Skin, or some other mild alcohol-free astringent. Tand skin may be a bit much from some people, but I find it really helps clear up my face.

Hope that helps! :smile: