Electoylsis on Upper Lip and Sun/Makeup

Hi Everyone,

I will be getting on going electroylsis treatments thru the summer on my upper lip area and wondering is it safe to sun bath? If so, how long after a treatment is it okay to do it?

My other question is, I have read on the posts that one should not use makeup to cover the area right after treatment or the next day so when is it okay to use makeup on the area? So far, I have been following the after care suggested here: Tee Tree Oil and Aloe with good results. However, I would like to use makeup to cover the red bumps etc. when I need to go out.


Hi MsPetite

my electrologist suggested that I apply a layer of aloe vera and then makeup. Unfortunately I came out in whiteheads which looked like folliculitis. So I have decided to leave it 24 hours. I use mineral makeup. There are a number of factors involved in wearing makeup after electrolysis - how old the make up is (less than 6 months I would suggest), cleanliness of the brushes and the ingredients of the makeup.

One REALLY should go a full 24 hours without makeup after electrolysis. This is especially true due to the fact that most people’s makeup is filled with bacteria.

Trust me, you really can live without makeup for one day.

Our training tells us to inform the client/patient to wait 72 hours before using makeup in the treated area, but most of my clients have been able to make do with 24 hours.

Thanks for the responses. I have no problem going 24 hours without makeup. The thing is that the bumps and small scabs don’t really appear on me till 24 hours or so after my treatment. If I am going out 2 or 3 days after a treatment make up is needed to cover the area so I assume from your replies it is okay then to use it. Not sure if anyone has ever used calendula gel but I have found it also seems to soothe the area and work well in place of or in addition to aloe.

Any thoughts on sun bathing and if you can do that during the electrolysis process? I am going on vacation and would like to know if it’s okay to get some sun tan on my face.

I speak as a client not a professional. I would use a sunblock and avoid deliberate exposure to the sun. If you do get marks, hypo/hyperpigmenation then sun exposure is the last thing that you would want.

I personally use factor 50 for everyday activities and avoid deliberate exposure. My skin thanks me for this.

The people who have to avoid sunbathing close to electrolysis are those with natural pigment/melanin, in which case, the additional pigmentation is a part of their immune response. If you are a fair skinned individual, with no Mediterranean, dark Asian/Native American or African ancestry, then this would describe you. If not, then you can sunbathe 3 days after your work. The best sunblocks are Zinc PABA and Pantothenic acid.

Thanks James. I am Italian so my skin is not really fair. I guess it is more olive tone. I will wait at least 3 days after treatment to be safe.

The whiteheads that appear after electrolysis are quite different from folliculitis, aren’t they? Isn’t folliculitis a deep reddening with inflammation? The whiteheads I’ve seen are just white bumps at the follicle opening…

There are medicated make-ups that are designed for after electrolysis. My old favorite was GERRO’S, but I think they quit making it. Dectro has some, but I forget what it’s called…

Search for information about medicated makeup. Here’s a start for you: http://www.makeupforacne.net/acne-makeup-tips/a-guide-to-makeup-for-acne-part-1

Thanks Dee and Barbara for the responses. I will check out the above website and Dextro.

I am wondering do you ever need to give your skin a break and wait to go back a few weeks or is it okay to go every week for a clearing above the lip. I just am wondering if the skin will get too irratated over time from going this much.

Thanks for the information Dee and Barbara about medicated make-up.

I thought that the whiteheads that look as if there is a hair inside them were called folliculitis. I get these whiteheads at time without treatment as the hair follicle is infected by the growing hair.

Hi Issywissy

How do you get on with the factor 50 does it not leave a ghostly white effect on your skin? i.e. how noticeable is it?

I know that you ordered skincueticals factor 50 is that what you use?


hi thereish,

I have been using it and found that it works well. It has a nice silky feel and I mixed it with my moisturiser and then apply. I have found that it can leave small, fine particles if rubned to hard. I wonder if that is the reflection of my skin however - I have skin that needs a lot of exfoliating. I find that I have lots of blocked pores (lovely).
I am skin type IV and have no issues with ashiness.
I don’t usually reapply but when I do there is no issue with build up or a “ghost” effect… I use Jane Ireland powder sunblock for the rest of the day.

I hope that helps.

P.S I personally have recently started to avoid moisturisers after electrolysis for a couple of days and use aloe vera gel and argan oil mixed so there is no possibility of reaction such as whiteheads for the ingredients of my moisturiser. Still get one or two for a day.