Elec + Laser Question

I’ve been doing laser for several years now and I’ve had a moderate amount of success. I’ve recently switched to electrolysis to finish up with the stragglers and to clear up the coarse blonde hairs. I would like to continue with an occassional laser treatment in combination with the electrolysis, but I’m not sure when or how often I should do it. What kind of schedule would be good to follow for something like this?

What area is being treated?
What is the colour of your hair and skin?

Maybe you should go to another laser practitioner. Who is MAYBE more skilled or uses a better laser. Or maybe your skin is not reacting so well to the laser.

I cannot say of the moderate results are caused by the practitioner, the laser or your skin.

What type of laser hair removal system is your practitioner using?

The schedule for laser treatment is between 1 and 3 months. Depending on the area being treated and the regrowth of hair.

I think electrolysis should certainly help if done by a skilled person with good machine (very important if you see the other topics!)

So tell more and maybe we can help you (just a little bit)

The electrolysis schedule for permanent hair removal is what ever gets you full clearance of the hair as soon as possible, and then reclears the area before the next group of hairs leaves the anagen growth phase. If it is possible to clear all your hair each and every visit, this would be one appointment every 3 weeks, or perhaps one appointment every 3 months if you really don’t have a lot of hair.

Some people will need an appointment a week, or more in the beginning to clear out the area. Others will do an appointment a week just because they want to make electrolysis their only form of hair removal once they get to first clearance.

If one can get full clearance with electrolysis, there is no earthly reason one should be “mixing in laser treatments” as one would only serve to create a blackout period on one’s electrolysis appointment schedule. Furthermore, many electrologists won’t see a client they know to be currently incorporating laser into their on going hair removal process.