Elaine at Parkside?

Hi everyone,

For those of you based in London and a fan of Parkside, I had a consultation and test patch with Elaine today - I’m trialing Parkside on a few low-key strays before I decide whether to commit to a much bigger project with them.

Elaine seemed efficient enough - didn’t waste much time in between treating hairs, and obligingly turned up the current when I said I was feeling the ‘tug’. Has anyone else had any experience with her?

Hi Tealight,

I haven’t, don’t know if anyone else has either. She is the salon owner though. Not my favourite person given that she’s the reason why things are stagnant at Parkside but the prices keep increasing. It used to be £320 ish for a 6hr package!

Hi Tealight,

I’ve had one treatment with Elaine at Parkside and many with Sharon, and to be honest I’m not sure there is much difference between them. I also had a treatment with Livia but found that she left me with a lot of scabbing. I had treatments at Parkside for a year and have now stopped going, due to the fact have haven’t noticed any difference to my hair…but most of my hair is fine and to be honest I think the Electrologists there found it a hard job seeing what I wanted removed. If Elaine was to invest in better visual equipment I would seriously consider returning for treatments.

Hi max,

That’s such a shame, especially since it all sounded so positive in the beginning.

I know it’s difficult to speak up but I would urge you to write them a letter, both to Sharon and Elaine and explain your feelings. The only way they can improve is if they know clients are dissatisfied with what they are offering. I know upgrading equipment is an expensive outlay but I don’t see why it should be out of the question to just one or two of them to upgrade to begin with and send all the clients who want that kind of work done to that electrologist. Since the reasoning I was given before is that Elaine thinks they should all have the same setup and for them all to upgrade would be too expensive.

It turns out that you’re not the only one with this complaint. There are others have been satisfied with the treatment up to the point of treating the finer blonde hairs.

As for me, as you know, I have plenty of prominent hairs to get through (face and body), so those smaller ones aren’t a concern for me yet. Thus I have no experience of this yet.

Stopit, I hear what you’re saying…but to be honest I really feel that writing a letter will just fall on deaf ears. It seems to me that the majority of Parkside work is Electrolysis, and they never seem short of business, so why would Elaine want to payout for improved equipment when business is bringing in enough money already. Not sure I can get anymore frustrated than I am right now…actually PM Josefa today.

Pssst, that’s because they can’t do the math that says, equipment upgrade equals more comfortable clients, who book more hours, while the practitioners experience increased hair per hour counts, thus combining to equal faster full final clearances, equals more word of mouth advertising and thus a doubling of business, both on the extra hours booked from the current clients, and from the additional referral client walk ins.

You are indeed right James, its a shame some people just can’t see the wood through the trees!