Egg white test and other problems ;) apilus sm 500

Hey all… so finally the machine I bought arrived . it’s a pre-owned one from spain… I discovered the manual is in spanish too… to first thing to do is translate the document :wink:

I am a bit overwhelmed with the many programs of the machine… as I wanted to go for galvanic only first and then blend.

I managed to do the thermolysis test with salt water which worked fine… but the egg white test didnt work… but I guess that could be faulty settings on my part… as I had set the omniblend mode to 5 seconds.

well… any tips for this machine and its settings in particular for a diy newby? any help welcome. but as I said… need to study the translated manual first :slight_smile:

ooh and… is there a OFF button other than that at the back of the machine to switch it off? it seems a bit harsh to simply switch it off with that toggle switch.

I managed to set the language to english…but what is the ENTER button?? I tried changing the name of the device… but cant confirm the new name with ANY button. strange. and nnothing in the manual …

a good weekend to all of you !


I have a paper copy of the SM-500 manual in English. I dont have time to scan however and I’m not going to sell it os mail it. It’s also not useful for twhat you are doing.

The salt water “bubble” test is to test the galvanic ciruit not the thermolysis current. Know what you are doing ! You make such a mistake in skin and you can make a considerable scar, 5 seconds of high thermolysis is enough to scar.

For the thermolysis Egg White test it never worked well with my SM-500. MAke sure you have a good needle cord. Also make sure the egg white is around room temperature. . If it is in any way refridgerated you wont see any thermolysis reaction. Use enough thermolysis to get the reaction. Flash which most of the SM-500 modes are a vcariation of, dont get much reaction in egg white especially if cool to start with.
I do remember the issue witht he enter button. If I recall correctly there isnt one you just go back to a different setting and when you go back to that one will see the setting is what you entered before. Or turn the machine off and on again.
No there is no other power switch than behind the unit. There’s no “turn off” button.

thanks so much :slight_smile:
I managed to translate the manual with an online tool.
I am worried about changing the battery, which I will try to do next.
Otherwise I will use galvanic or omniblend only first, which I guess is pretty safe. I tried some hairs today, but settings seemed to low to release hair. but I am happy with being cautious in the beginning… trying to get to know the device first. with my onetouch there was alot of lye each time… didnt see that much today… but then I had the onetouch to the highest setting. I did a tolerance test first and it left me at 0.57ma . how many seconds do you recommend on pure galvanic first? or should I settle for the omniblend or pulse straight away?

Bonjour !
Je viens d’acheter un appareil usagée SM-500 et je n’ai pas le livre d’instruction…est-ce que quelqu’un peut le partager ou me dire comment le trouver svp !

I have one somewhere here, but its a hard copy not electronic and I moved my office into home this year and am not certain where it ended up.I’m fairly certain however that Dimitrov has a manual for SM-500 or sx-500 in digital format.

if you send me your tel number I can send them to you via whatsapp? I have them on my mobile device as pictures. but it’s only a translation with a translation tool, as mine is in spanish originally.

Ok merci on peut essayer par courriel ?!