Effects of using electrolysis after Laser removal?

Hi, i’m new to this board so if this is a question previously addressed or answered, please forgive me (or hopefully lead me in the direction for an answer, please? lol)

I originally went to see an electrolysist about facial hair removal (cuz i’m a girl), but she suggested I try laser instead. Currently, I am getting my upper lip, jaw area and upper neck area treated with laser hair removal. The hair color, thickness and density on those area has greatly reduced since I began. The hairs now look like fine, blond hardly visible baby hairs, which are fine, but i’m still noticing a few random darker hairs or longer/thicker hairs that are noticeable enough bother me. There are only a few and they are in random spots, so i think continuing laser for those random few doesn’t make sense.

I was considering going to an electrolysist to help me rid the last few stragglers, but I’m wondering if electrolysis treatments will undo or reverse the progress made by the laser hair removal? I’ve heard somewhere that it might be a possibility, but I don’t know if theres any truth to that. I just want to make sure I don’t accidentally hinder or reverse the progress laser hair removal has mad for me up until now (plus I don’t have the $ to restart the process all over again).

I appreciate any help anyone can offer! Thanks so much!
(I posted this in the electrolysis forum as well, so hopefully I have a better chance of finding an answer :slight_smile: )

To answer your first question, electrolysis will not undo anything positive that laser reduction brought about. Going for those few remaining hair structures that bother you will be fine. I hope time down the road will not reveal any induced hair growth stimulation. I am not a proponent of using laser on a woman’s face, but if it turns out good for you, I will rejoice with you.

Sorry for the late answer, but I missed this post a couple days ago.

Just saw that James answered this in the electrolysis forum, so you got two answers, lucky you!