Effective treatment means...?

I was hoping for some clarification: if a hair is treated “effectively” and it slides out without resistance, does that mean the follicle is 100% dead or does that mean it was weakened and will come back lighter/thinner? Or something else? Thank you in advance!!

Even when a follicle slides out without resistance, there is no guarantee that it has been killed. It’s just a basic good sign that there was at least sufficient energy delivered with a proper insertion, because when there is resistance or plucking, it means that either insufficient energy is used or needle is inserted at wrong depth and misses the target.

Many times, you will notice that the same treated hair grows in thinner and weaker and it will be zapped again weeks and months later, until it’s disabled.

I’m no pro, but I am pretty sure a properly treated hair will never grow back. The old “it will come back weaker and finer and lighter” thing has long been disproven. It doesn’t mean that every single hair treated is successful, but a good electrologist should have a pretty high kill rate the first time a hair is zapped.

I like these answers a lot and there is very little to add.

If only we had a way to measure what hairs have been treated successfully the first time and what hairs may have reappeared in a weaker version of the previous hair because some hair germ cells remained after that first treatment. The only rational thing we have is our powers of observation and documenting results with photos.