Effect of local anastesia on hair growth.


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A little about me: M/18 New York (student)

So, here we go:
I’m from Ukraine myself and am in NY for 2 years…
I had no hair on my body (or I may had fine hair) until I was 16.
I had broken nose since I was 15 and I needed to fix my nose-bridge.
When I came to NY, I had a surgery in Beliview Medical Center (I hope I spelled that correctly), in Manhattan. The surgery has been performed under generel anastesia and was unsuccesful (as it was done by unexperienced person, as usually happens). After the surgery, in about 2 month, I came up with hairs on my chest, stomach, legs and … but… Moreover, I got “very adult” beard and moustaches.

This is a little too much hair for a teen, I guess… The area I mostly concerned about is but.

Since I have no money, I think I’ll go on and get “One Touch”.

Now, I need another surgery, as my nose isn’t still straight. I think I’ll go to Russia cause I do not have $5,000 to pay to American doctors.
And I’ll have one more anastesia, which may affect harmones and so affect hair growth…
So, I wanted to know if I should get a general anestesia, as it may reduce the hair growth as well as generate the growth of new hair or should I get local anastesia, which will not be easy to go through and not to risk, as it probably will not affect hair growth at all?
I also wanted to ask where I can fill out the complain about the ENT that ripped me off?
Whell that is it for now.

I hope it may me very usefull fo everyone, as I found very limited amount of info on the affect of anastesia on hair growth.

Thanks you for any information you may provide and have a great day.


Hi Teen!

I’m not aware of anesthesia increasing or decreasing hair growth. Some patients have some head hair fall out from anesthesia, but this is rare and usually fairly limited.

Local anesthesia should be even less of a problem.

There’s a chance that your hormone levels are changing (which happens to many teens). This can cause additional hair growth and may not be related to your surgery.

I’m sorry to hear about the problems you had with your nose surgery. You can complain to the state board of medicine if you feel your doctor acted unethically or was not competent.

If your results left you disfigured (where someone who didn’t know you would think that you had a botched nose job without even telling them), you might be able to talk him into a corrective surgery or even sue him if it’s bad enough. Both these options will take time and money, though.

You will also need to prove gross incompetence, which is a very serious charge stemming from a serious breech of conduct. Usually, mildly unsatisfactory cosmetic results will not be covered by this.
New York State: Office of Professional Misconduct

If you think you have a case for malpractice, etc., you should contact a lawyer.