Effect of Laser/IPL on Electrolysis treatments


Given the fact that laser or IPL do not accomplish permanent hair removal, could they in any way effect electrolysis treatment? I mean to say, that after laser the hair does not regrow all at once. Some hair takes a few weeks, some takes a few months and maybe some even takes years. So if a normal growth cycle for most hair is 9 to 12 months then virtually all hair-growing follicles will be destroyed by treatment during this time period. But if many of these follicles were treated by laser prior to electrolysis, then they would not surface hair for longer periods of time, sometimes years, and all the electrolysis in the world cannot treat those ‘hair-growing’ follicles. This would mean that if laser was used, a patient will not get permanently cleared by electrolysis within a normal time period. Would it indefinitely postpone permanent results?

Thank you.