Effect of Epilation

Hi! My situation is kinda different form most otehrs. You see, I’m a guy of almost 19 now and I’m so hairy that I had a beard when I was just 13 and a half years old. The thing is that I don’t want to remove ALL the hair on my body PERMANENTLY, but I want to thin it out and make it shorter, thinner and less dense. I would like to know whether constant epilation reduces hair growth over a period of time (like waxing does). Since I have to shave everyday, I tried using a Braun Sil Epil on my face so that my facial hair would grow back less stubbly, but it hurt like crazy so I planned to do it in installments - a little bit every alternate day until it all goes away. Once I epilate or tweeze, my hair doesn’t grow back for quite a while. I would like to know what effect long term epilation would have on me, for as of now, that is the only option I have (since I live in India and my parents are a bit orthodox about guys and cosmetics, so I have to make do with my sister’s old epilator). Thank you for reading all this. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

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I don’t advise epilating heavy male facial hair. You can get skin damage and ingrown hairs too easily.

The long-term effect of epilation has not been carefully studied, but their are anecdotal reports that in some consumers there may be a slight reduction in hair over many years.