effect of depilatory on hair growth?

i have some fine, stubble-like hair on my back that i’m interested in removing. they’re probably too short to be waxed off so i’m interested in using a depilatory cream. problem is, i’ve heard that a depilatory will only make the hair grow back thicker? is this true? and if that is the case, what would you recommend for the stubbly back hair removal?

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Yes, I would like to know if this is true too!

I think using a dipilitory cream isn’t a real good way to go about this. You would have to get some sort of thing to apply it to areas you can’t reach. That stuff needs to be washed off within ten minutes, so, some areas are going to have it on for the full time, and the last areas are going to barely have it on for the minimum time of five minutes. And, it doesn’t always work that great with just five minutes. And if you’re applying it to your back, that’s awfully close to your head. DON’T get it on your head hair. You will regret it. HAHA! Also, rinsing it off has to be complete. On your back some of that stuff may linger and cause skin irritation. Even the Extra Strength Nair Roll On for Men doesn’t get rid of stubble that great. I’ll post a review of it in a few days because i just experimented with it myself. Forget Veet, it’s truly dangerous stuff.

And, I’m not sure if you know it, but creams like Nair smell awful. It’s a very strong particular smell. If you use it be prepared to have women notice it and wonder what the hell you’re using Nair for. It’s an unmistakeable smell that just seems to linger on everything, even if you rinse it off well.

All in all, just do what all guys have to do. Get a stick and tie a razor to it. It’s one the human male species’ less glorious moments.