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In the trove of materials Bill Schuler gave me, there are dozens of reel-to-reel tapes (and cassettes) of Hinkel and others lecturing: actually the entire course that was offered at the Wilshire (Hinkel) School of electrology. Looks like every possible subject is covered including reviews of all the tests … and this is many hours of material.

I wonder how I would go about getting these materials “out there” for free of course. Would I purchase a reel-to-reel unit and then convert this to a CD or DVD (MP3)? I would like to edit and organize the lectures, so having the materials on computer would be a requirement. (I took a class in ProTools so I can do audio editing … but the COST of that program is insane. Maybe there is another audio editing program?)

I’m asking for suggestions. The tapes are in perfect condition and should be utilized. Maybe AEA would like the finished product so they could have these materials on-line for free? Could these tapes be available as a free download?

I will start asking questions; this is not my area of knowledge … thanks

If you have a player for the reel to reel stuff you can often connect a recording device into an output jack:

Otherwise it may be easier/better to send them out to a company that specializes in analog to digital conversion. Here’s an example of a reputable consumer-focused company in LA:

If you want state of the art, there are also film/TV industry-focused services, but they tend to be a bit more pricey.

Can I translate this material into Spanish, please?

Who guarantees that the AEA will not do the same thing they did with the on line magazines?

First it was public (probably due to your suggestion), and now only for members. :frowning: :mad:

Thanks for the excellent suggestions … I’m going with it. There is also a tape with a conversation with Elizabeth Taylor (?) (called “Liz T” … Now, that would be interesting). I also have a tape of a lecture by Christine Jorgensen. At least, these are historical documents that people need to digest. I contacted GLAAD and they want a copy.

Michael the best and reliable Open Source outlet is youtube. You post it and people will find it. I’m amazed that Josefa’s short clips on electrolysis receive thousands of views! I doubt AEA can achieve reaching that amount of interested minds.

Looks like at least 50 hours of lecture. Dr. Heimlich (Texas) said that putting these tapes on DVD would be best. I’m having one tape transferred to see what’s really on the thing.

Meanwhile, I have become addicted to Youtube and notice that pieces longer than, say, 5-minutes don’t get much notice.

Folks (self included) want information FAST, clear and uncluttered (and NO advertising). Why? Well, we can’t spend too much time away from “texting” on our iPhones or asking “the great computer in the sky” all kinds of super-important stuff.

What online magazines are you talking about, Josefa? (What did I miss?)

I’m probably mistaken, but I sort of remember that the EW was free on line? Maybe it’s still there, but I was not able to find it searching the AEA site.

I can not see them either.

Fortunately, I was quite farsighted, and downloaded all the PDF files. :D.

There is an article that I particularly liked, Jekyll & Hide. The author is not mentioned, but I would bet my neck that it was written by Michael Bono.

(I recognize your style among a million others. he he)

Jossie, I think that those were from the California Association? I will check them and see if they are still offering their magazine for free; I’ll bet they ARE!

I checked CEA website, and could not find the magazines. However, I did see a bunch of my patients (and that’s fine).

So little time … so much HAIR!

Yes, it was on the AEA California website. They opened a door to hope for a change in a retrograde and decadent policy. After the disappearance of Hair Route, these files came like manna from heaven.

And suddenly … wham! … the door closed in our face. :crazy:

Your targeted audience is not teenagers looking for instatainment. I can show you youtube channels of guys who do 1 hour reviews on hunting knives or Swiss multi-tools and they get 10-30,000 views because there are people interested in these things.

I’m with you, Fenix.

And I come with reinforcements. Who can deny something this cute kitty?

I vote for the Michael Bono channel!

Holy mackerel, my face just exploded!