Simple question: how amny of you are currently using any form of an “e-book” reader? And, what type is it?

damned my Dyslexia … I mean “how MANY?”

I use the Kindle from Amazon.

Nook and nook…

I use a Kindle / Amazon and my iPad, Mike.

I mostly use pdf ebooks on my android tablet, but also kindle.

I’ve used the Kindle app on various devices, from tablets, to laptops, to smartphones, but not a dedicated e-reader.

Will it be possible to buy an e-book of your first edition of ‘The Blends Method’, Michael?

I am sure that many people would do it!

I tried to tell him he could do that years ago, and even attempted to explain how security features could prevent, (or at least greatly hinder) attempts to copy the book from the e-file formats, but… well…

Let’s hope the time has come where this possibility is more warmly embraced.

Wow, one should never go against “God” should one?

Oh man I’m obsessed with my eBook reader. Had the Kindle Keyboard then lost it so I bought the Nook Simple Touch which was great too, just sold it for the Kindle Touch. I LOVE them all haha. I like the Kindle because the Amazon store has tons of books and they’re the cheapest I found. Barnes & Noble are usually $1-2 more per book for some reason. My Kindle is my favourite thing in the world.

My husband said I love my KINDLE, my i-Pad and the dog more than I love him…not true :slight_smile:

I have a kindle keyboard. I’ve had it for just over a year. Love it so much I’ve subsequently given away five more kindles to friends and family. I love helping others read.

This will be wonderful…
Or printed more that 300 pages as well… :slight_smile:

Galations 4:16

I get headaches easily from being on the computer and what not, so reading on an iPad is not realistic for me. Plus I love to read at the beach, that’s where the eBook readers are amazing since it basically is like looking at paper. Plus the battery lasts for like 2 months and you literally never have to charge it.

Okay. I’d had to look that one up, James.

Galations 4:16 “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

Edokid, you are so right. Reading an e-book outside on a sunny day is amazing. I just like the convenience and immediate gratification of getting a book in less than a minute and then not having to find a place to store it. Many still like the touch of a book and turning the pages.