Easy Tweeze and E-Pen by Elysee


I saw that you have information posted about IGIA’s Finally GoneBut had anyone ever tried
either product by Elysee?
I’m thinking about trying it
if anyone has tried any of the 3 products please eamil me and let me know how they worked for you and how you use them.


Welcome, Kaldea83!

Both the e-Pen and Easy Tweeze are scams:

Hairfacts: E-Pen (WARNING!)

I have suffered with excessive hairgrowth since i was 13 it is so bad now that i feel more like a man than a woman. I cant wear swimmers or anything that shows my stomach, I am even embarrased to get undressed in front of my fiance!
I am thinking of buying the Epen. I need to know if it at least reduces hairgrowth?? please help i dont want to be hairy on my wedding day!!! [color:“purple”] [/color] [color:“purple”] [/color] <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />