Easy root hair removal

Hi everyone!
Just saw a new product on the Canadian home shopping channel called “Easy Root”.
It looks like a razor but has an epi like rotaing head.

Product Description:

Easy Root removes hair with less pain, glides on smoothly and does not stretch the skin. This effective hair removal system captures even the tiniest of unwanted hairs. The universal design slides easily onto almost any standard disposable razor. The revolutionary cassette heads can be changed at any time. Use on dry or wet skin.

Easy Root is washable, so it’s always hygenic, fresh and clean. The ideal travel companion, Easy Root can be used anytime, anywhere.

Easy Root is made up of two parts: the handle and the remover. The handle is like the handle of a razor (small and easy to hold). The remover features a rotating head comprised of unique tweezers, which pull the hair out without uncomfortably stretching the skin.

Has anyone heard of it or tried it??
I order it …I figure if it doesn’t work I can always return it.

I did a little write up on it a few weeks ago-- I haven’t tried it, but it’s sort of a manual rotary epilator. I guess that means you could use it during a blackout! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let us know how it works-- the issues I see as possible problems are the grip of the rubberized parts weakening with use and washings.

Just an update on the easy root hair remover I ordered from the shopping channel.
It was HORRIBLE. The head of the devise didn’t rotate freely…You have to apply pressure inorder to get it to roll. It hurt more than my Braun silk-epil! I even lost a bit of skin on my arm when I was testing it out.
I give this produce a -1/10

Wow, sorry to hear it was so lame. :frowning:

Thanks so much for letting everyone know-- you probably saved a bunch of people some money!

I am blind as a bat.Didn’t see this before posting my thing! :wink:

Hey I’ll take it from your hands?ANyway I can get it?Even if it is horrible as you say I would like to personaly (hurt :stuck_out_tongue: )my self with it. LOL

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Jean Jean I already returned it for a full refund sorrysmirk
Trust me you don’t want it.LOL
But if you do get it…let me know how it works for you.

Oh well :smile: I think I’ll get the Braun-silk epil.Seems good!