Hello everyone,

I heard of a use-at-home kit called the E-pen. It uses galvanic currents to permanently remove hair. It apparently has some form of a current control so that one does not apply more current to the skin than that would be needed and, hence, cause scars.

Does this work? Is it safe?

Thank you,

You are best served with a pro doing your electrology.
Having said that, you will find much info on the e pen and others in the “Do it yourself electrolysis” section of this forum.

Gene, the e-pen is a scam-- you’ll find some warnings about it under the Transcutaneous Hair Removal forum.

Gene, dont use the pen!! Its a complete scam. I had been having electrolysis and in January had nearly finished it. THen I had a brainwave and decided to use the e-pen. I have undone all the good work from the electrolysis and am mad with myself! Back with the electrolysis now and wont do anything else!