e pen vs pro electrolysis

hey guys im pretty new here i just wanted to know how many of you have tried and tested the e pen as i have heard some very positive and negative feedback. I would like to have permanent removal of my under arm and leg hair mainly as its annoying doing it so frequently… I just wanted to know if it is worth buying or should i just get it done professionally??? Im in AUS so I’m sure the pen would cost more to ship out. Thanks heaps guys, Lucy [color:“blue”] [color:“blue”] [/color]

For the areas you have described, you would do better to get a pro to do it. They are quickly cleared the first time, and can be kept clear by a speedy pro. If you find a good one, you will also have no, to minimal noticeable post treatment side effects.

If one does self treatment anyway, be sure to heed our warnings and read as much as you can both on this site, and our cannon of electrology text books.