Hello. I am a 20 year old female and I need help. Since the age of 11 I have been having unwanted hair problems. I usually wax, use lotions and shave. I have hair on my face, chest and stomache I want to get rid of. My hair is not dark so you can not see it unless you are close up(GOOD THING) I have never worn a bikinni:( I am told alot I am attractive, but I have a very low self esteem about this. I want to try something new and need everyones help. I would like to know if anyone has used the e-pen and how it is used. Also the hair inhibitor KALO. It would be great to get rid of hair for good or for a few months. My hair grows so fast even if I wax. Say I wax my chin, the hair is gone. But the next day I can see it again. I have read many posts but have not ran across alot of personal expierence. Now the one touch I might try. What do you think about that? I read it takes a while and sometimes pain ful. The e-pen says it has no needle, than how do you use it? And does it work good??? Please anyone who can help, I would like that. Plus anyone with the same problems as me I would like to stay in touch. I used to think I was the only one with this problem, and I need a internet buddy to talk to. I have msn messenger If anyone would like to talk about this subject…Thank you all:)


If you read the do it yourself pages here and other forums on hair removal, you will find a wealth of info on this subject.

If you are thinking of going the DIY route, I must repeat that it is better to get The Blend Method by Mike Bono and, or Cosmetic and Medical Electrology by Richards and Meharg, have both you and a friend read it, and trade work on each other with a professional grade machine.

Having said that, I also suggest that you check out the professionals in your area. I don’t know anyone in Dallas that I could recommend, but Bette N. Prichett in Austin TX could clear you up on no time from what I am hearing about your problem.

Just make sure that you are not spending lots of time obsessing in front of a magnifying mirror, lowering your self-esteem over something no one is seeing, because they are not looking at your with medical grade magnification.


I must admit I have not had any success in doing blond hairs,

i can’t seem to find the proper insertion angle for them.

I will try a few today/night and see if I can though and repost

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Thank you for posting, I hope to hear from you again. Well actually it is bad, but Thank god my hair is not dark. :wink: I remember someone in school who had eye problems told me they could see it bad, and they did not even have their glasses on. Has anyone tried e-pen or kalo? My hair grows so fast, I just want it to slow down for a while or get rid of it for good. Plus I do not have alot of money to spend on the pro in Austin. I thought since I had light hair noone pro would do anything like that…or is that just the laser hair removal?? Feel free to email me so we can keep in touch.
Jen_n_joel@webtv.net :wink:


One more thing…What is DIY? Thanks,


this post promted me to finally make a DIY example page made especially for the Do-It-Yourself Elecrolysis forum:)

wooohooo, finally after 2 years or so, a reason to make another webpage :grin:


That ? of what is DIY was stupid on my part, I was not thinking! I thought it was something new to get rid of hair. Duh Jennifer Do-it-yourself


Only laser needs to have certain skin tones and hair colors.
In electrolysis the only thing limiting treatment possibilities are the skill of the electrologist and the combination of the visual and electrolysis equipment utilized by the practitioner.

I mention Bette, because she could most likely finish you a whole lot quicker than anything else you could do. Quick conclusion of your problem is very valuable indeed.


I wish I could go see Bette. I have no money to do anything like that, how much would it cost and how long, for all my problem areas? I might as well just live with it, I will never beable to go to Austin. Plus my skin is sensative and burns easily, I don’t know what to do now…


E-Pen and Kalo are both unproven methods to avoid. The legitimate alternatives would be One Touch and Vaniqa.


Thanks all!! What have you tried Andrea??