E-one anyone used this?

Ok so what do users think of this one?


It’s quite expensive, but compared to my laser sessions at £500 a go, (& not doing all I’d like),it should soon pay for itself, if it works!


Professional IPLs give questionable results. the home use ones are even less powerful.

I have a client who wasted his money on one of these, and said that although it did nothing for his hair removal, it did allow him to remove a spot out of a black tattoo. That was his only consolation prize.

If you want to do permanent hair removal at home, one really needs to do electrolysis, and best with a hair removal buddy to trade work with.

Thanks for the reply James, I tried electrolysis a couple of years ago but couldn’t stand the pain!

It would be nice to have something to be free of hair for a while, without rash or ingrowings. Especially if it’s cheaper than laser treatments. These seem very expensive in UK compared to US. I pay £250 - £500 a go, & so far it’s cost me over £2k!

I don’t mind using it repeatedly, just wondered if it actually works. It looks from your client that it doesn’t, pity.

Oh well back to saving up for the next session.