dying hair so they can be seen

I have been doing about 100-140 hairs a hour on my self but now im trying to do the clear hairs under my nose and on my bottom lip . This proving to be very difficult as it is very hard to see them to do the insertion in a mirror. Do you think there would be any problems using a hair dye on them so i can see them . Will the dye go below the surface of the skin and leave me with dots that i wont be able to hide . does anyone have any sugestions from having to deal withs problem before
thank you

I had the same problem as You and thought about the same solution, but was told it could result in a tattoo that looked like a beard shadow. I decided not to take the risk of trying and can therefore only pass on the advice as given.

My solution was to get more magnification and axperiment a little with the angle of light and mirror. At the lip area the distance is so short that simple magnifying tools can focus.

If you work in direct sunlight, you may have more luck. You might also find that a dark background behind you can give a little contrast.

The hairs you are working on are the hardest to kill and are in the skin most easily damaged. Be very careful!

There are products on the market to help you find the follicle opening, such as Dermark:


However, proper depth and angle are vital once you find it.

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well, jesus… if your down to the fine white hairs i’d say cough up the 20 dollars for a proffesional