Duration of treatments question

Hello everyone -

I know there is no one definitive way to say how long one individual’s treatments should go on for, but I’m just looking for a ballpark figure. I’ve been going in to the same electrolygist for over 2 years. I go every 3 weeks for a 1 hour session each time. The area I’m having cleared is my chin, neck, and sideburns. It seems that every time I go in, the entire area gets cleared. But I have not noticed a huge improvement. About 3 months ago, I finally noticed a few areas where there seems to be less hairs. But I’m starting to wonder. Is over 2 1/2+ years too long? I’m really considering trying a different electrolygist! Thanks for any replies.

Typically speaking, if you did not take before during and after photos, you would not notice the amount of progress made over time until there was nothing left.

Although it is possible that you could have finished quicker with longer appointments closer together in the early going, you should be in the final stages as long as you are getting cleared every visit, and you are not producing any new hairs.

As for the question of would someone else have cleared you faster, that really depends on the density of hairs, the speed of the electrologists, your sensitivity to treatment, and the treatment energy needed to successfully treat YOUR hairs properly.

Thanks for the reply, James -

So what you’re saying is “stick with it”? Any projection on how long is reasonable to stick with it (ie, is another 2 1/2 years likely/unlikely?)

When you say “as long as … you are not producing any new hairs”, how do I know whether or not I’m producing any new ones?

Also, on another post (September 12, 2003 - RE: The neverending saga), you said: “As a rule, anyone saying they are doing blend in less than 2 seconds is leading you down the garden path. Only very weak hairs could be properly treated in 3 seconds or less unless the energy was up really high. Coarse hairs usually take a minimum of seven seconds or more to treat.” When you say all this, do you mean 7 seconds per hair? I think my electrolygist does not take that long. Especially towards the end of the session, it seems like she’s zipping through the hairs! Do I need to worry that she’s plucking?


I would worry that she was doing something more like thermolysis with just a little galvanic sprinkled in. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not traditional blend.

I don’t know how if you have had full clearances, but you should be seeing a big difference between what you looked like when you started and now. If you honestly can’t say that you have seen any difference, then you may need to check into who else is available.

I can’t see you needing more than one more year at the most if you have actually made progress.