Due to start electrolysis

Hi Folks,

I’ve been using the board for a while as part of my quest to remove the abdomen and back hair i’ve been blessed with. A I have now tried a couple of different methods, and will shortly start electrolysis, I thought my experiences may help some people who are thinking of, or are already, going through the same journey. For general information, I am a 28 year old male with light skin and dark hair (although reddish in small areas).

In the middle of last year I reached the point that many others will recognise whereby I really had to do something about body hair which I found unattractive and frankly took far to long to dry after showering :wink:

Given that the most “in your face” method of achieving this is laser (they seem to have the advertising market well cornered), that’s what I began with. At that point I had not researched things nearly well enough in hindsight, but then we live and learn.

After 6 sessions on my back with a Coolglide laser I decided, although did not want to admit, that things were not going particularly well and that either it was never going to work, or would take a long time, lots of cash and even more pain.
As of a few days ago, the hair on my back was more dense than before although I would concede that the diameter of the hairs has probably reduced.

I had also started work on my abdomen, with a Lightsheer Diode XC, but now I can see the same regrowth signs as before. And treatment with this one REALLY hurts (i’m not very good with pain)!

I’ve now got into the frame of mind whereby, I am prepared to play the long game if I can be reasonably confident of the end result. I have found an eletrologist in my local area with a good reputation and will have the following performed

  1. Waxing on my back due to some residual hyperpigmentation from laser treatment. When it has died down I will commence eletrolysis

  2. Electrolysis on the back of my arms (tricep region) and on my chest.

  3. Hopefully Electrolysis on my abdomen depending on how my skin truns out from the most recent laser treatment

Having had the first waxing session on my back I must say how surprisingly easy it was (little pain and a very nice result). I’m due for my first Electrolysis session this week (using blend) and will be sure to let you know how I found it.

I have left lots of details out as the message is long enough anyway but would be happy to answer any questions or provide additional detail if requested.


Good luck. I hope everything works out the way you expect. Keep posting on the board it’s important to others.

I’ve been playing the waiting game right now. When I start my treatment with electrolysis, which seems to be the only option left and the only one seems to works, still kind of skeptical because of past experiences. I’ll give back to the board on my progress to give people the honest truth and hope their looking for. Anyway wish you the best. Take care

why is it long term?

ok, ill admit that i’m a do-it-yourselfer as i stated many times.

I cleared my entire right arm this winter (took me 2-3 for the left arm btw because i was new etc) but i did accomplish my goal. now i know not everyone wants to sit or lay for sometimes 9 hours straight. nor remove an average of 300 hairs per day for a 3 month periiod. but its possible

now, your willing to it professionally? I would like to know why this is long term?

with the money you spent on laser you could spend that on proffesionals, and many of them.

sat19th 8 a.m. dr.1 = does 2 hours
sat19th 10a.m. dr.2 = does 2 hours
sat19th 12p.m. dr.3 = does 2 hours
sat19th 2 p.m. dr.4 = does 1 hours
sat19th 3 p.m. dr.5 = does 2 hours
sat19th 5 p.m. dr.6 = does 2 hours

mon20th 8 a.m. dr.1 = does 2 hours
mon20th 10a.m. dr.2 = does 2 hours
mon20th 12p.m. dr.3 = does 2 hours
mon20th 2 p.m. dr.4 = does 1 hours
mon20th 3 p.m. dr.5 = does 2 hours
mon20th eat
mon20th 5 p.m. dr.6 = does 2 hours

I’m not sure where the long term comes into play

It seems we have a few who have tried all the methods, including LASER, but end up at electrolysis…

If I had an electrologist in town (esp. a good one) I would be in a program right now… unfortunately, waxing is my best solution… considering my circumstances…

I will be interested to hear how it all goes for you…

Good luck,


Most people don’t have the time to go for 8 or 9 hourelectrolysis treatments. Even 3 hours can be difficult for many. If anyone can devote this amount of time, more power to 'em.


My longest single session of electrolysis was 6 hours. That was WAY too much, but I needed to do it at the time.