Hi, first that all thanks so much for create this space, i feel so desperate because i can’t see an end of my problem. I have hair all over my face, i have a very coarse hair on my chin and neck.
I’ve been doing some research about laser and electrolysis, i found a great electrolysis practicioner but she told me that i have minimun 2 years tratment that means more that $7000 wich i don’t have, now i thinkink about laser but based on others experiences laser on your face socks!and hair never is gone.
Please, i so depresed right now, i shave my face every day and my skin hurts.
What should i do?

Hi there,

Did you say all over your face? As in forehead, as well as the usual beard and neck areas? That’s a type of condition known as “congenital generalized hypertrichosis”, but it’s rare and I believe hereditary. It causes hair growth in “abnormal” areas.

If you’re talking about heavy growth in “normal” areas, you’re not alone. While I would consider my beard and neck areas to be closer to normal than the rest of me, here’s some tips I’ve found useful:

  1. Try not shaving for consecutive days. Every other day, or even every 3 days, can really reduce the chance for razor burn and cuts.

  2. Use a sharp high-quality razor (Shick Diamond). Replace it weekly.

  3. Shave in the shower. Let your face soak up the warmth and moisture of the water, to make your skin more pliable. It might make your shower last a lot longer, but I hardly ever nick myself when I shave under a shower of water.

Can anyone else offer any tips? I don’t use shave gel myself, as I tend to think that increases the chance for cuts. Then again, I shave by feel (no mirror).

As for hair removal, I’m having it done on my arms and legs. So far the results have been acceptable. However, I was recently burned on part of legs, for no apparent reason. I would hate risking a burn on my face, and it’s true that laser is primarily a reduction method.

However, it is by far better than electolysis. The appointments are cheaper, faster, and less painful. It’s more hygenic, and more adjustable… (e.g. you can ask them to use a very low fluence, if you’re worried about pain or burns). Also, there’s a wide array of various laser technologies, while electrolysis is some 100 years old(?).

You might otherwise look into Vaniqua, marketed for women designed to reduce facial hair. Years ago, it was in the news as the “future” of male and female hair reduction. However, it appears it’s not being developed into that. It requires a prescription.

Hope this helps?

Excellent post, vulpes!

Larey, many men have to deal with this difficulty, and I don’t envy you! :frowning:

In addition to vulpes’ post, you should check out the shaving forum for some thoughts on making shaving easier.

Since you can’t afford electrolysis or laser right now, maybe you could have them work on your trouble areas only and thin things out there.

If you have other questions, let me know!