Dr. Zion Azar new home laser device

I have been given an article from the daily mail dated tues, june 1, 2004. It is about a new type of shaver sized laser hair remover designed for at home the article states "Dr. Zion Azar, the company’s cheif executive, said No!No! could eventually leave users virtually hair free :smile: , but I just wondered if anyone had heard anything of the device or the doctor and if anyone knows if you can get hold of it before 2005?

God I hope this is true - If so this is incredible news for all of us, well except the laser practitioners and anyone who has spent thousands of dollars having laser done.

We really have to figure out how to get this device sooner. I saw $250, in another post on the same subject.

Keeping fingers crossed…

Azar has been involved in Radiancy. The primary question will be the energy output on the home-use device. most of these things are low enough that soeone can’t injure themselves, which usually means too low to cause a last effect on hair growth patterns.

We will all certainly keep an eye on it, though!

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I am so exicetd about it !!!
:blush: ))))))))
finally something!!!